Should You Be Concerned About Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease has been spread over the country a lot. It has affected thousands of people and caused many casualties. However, many people are entirely unaware that the paraquat can cause and spread Parkinson’s disease. If you have had Parkinson’s disease, you should take some time to learn about the paraquat Parkinson’s disease lawsuit

Multiple chemicals and herbicides can increase the ability of a disease getting spread. Such is the case with paraquat Parkinson’s disease. There are many reasons to stay aware of the topic since it can affect you or your loved ones. This article tries to shed light on paraquat Parkinson’s disease lawsuits. 

What is the paraquat Parkinson’s disease? 

Paraquat is a harmful chemical herbicide and a threat to many people’s health. It is a herbicide that is widely used within the U.S. However, it is banned in many countries like China and the European Union. The herbicide is used mainly in the agricultural industry by the farmers. 

On the other hand, Parkinson’s disease affects the nervous system. It severely affects one’s movement by brain disorders and causes shaking, stiffing, difficulty walking and maintaining balance, coordination, etc. People may face difficulty walking and strengthening their balance while standing if the severity of Parkinson’s disease rises. 

How does paraquat cause Parkinson’s disease? 

Many studies have shown signs of paraquat linked to Parkinson’s disease. People who contact the herbicide for an extended period are highly likely to contract Parkinson’s disease. Also, people with predisposed medical conditions could risk developing Parkinson’s disease. Herbicides like paraquat can disrupt and kill the cells within our body, leading to Parkinson’s disease. 

What should be your next step? 

First, you need to determine if you or someone you know has been exposed to paraquat. If one has been exposed to paraquat, they should immediately consult a paraquat Parkinson’s disease lawsuit lawyer. You might be eligible to file a lawsuit if exposed to toxic herbicides like paraquat. 

The manufacturer of herbicides that contain paraquat failed to warn the public about the adverse effects that can increase the chances of Parkinson’s disease contraction. Since the manufacturer could not abide by their duty, many plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against them. 

Contacting a lawyer to be assisted with the lawsuit could be necessary since this is an active lawsuit. An experienced law professional can help you achieve significant compensation for the suffering caused to you. The compensation can cover medical bills, lost wages, miscellaneous expenses, and future support for the health condition. 

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