After Being Arrested for a Dui, the First 48 Hours

Being detained for a DUI offense is a complex and stressful experience. You will probably experience emotional and legal difficulties during the arrest and in the following hours and days. You are fortunate not to be alone. In Barnstable, DUI charges are among the most frequent criminal offenses. Being detained for driving while intoxicated does not automatically make you a bad person; many people like you have undergone the DUI arrest procedure without suffering severe consequences.

However, it is crucial that you respond promptly and logically both during the arrest for DUI and thereafter. You must find a criminal defense lawyer in Barnstable, MA, immediately. 

Do Not Provide Information

If you are being detained or interrogated for suspicion of drunk driving, be aware that providing the arresting officer with too much information rarely works in your favor. Almost always, police officers will inquire about things like “How many drinks have you had today?” and related inquiries. You are not required to respond; in most circumstances, the wisest move is to decline formally.

Additionally, you are not required to take any kind of field sobriety test, such as “walking in a straight line” or something similar. The final decision on whether to submit or refuse such tests is yours.

Getting to Know the Blood-Alcohol Test

Unlike other tests or inquiries an arresting officer may make, you cannot successfully object to a blood-alcohol test. You have already granted “implied consent” to a blood-alcohol test by operating a vehicle in Oklahoma. Instead of taking a portable test, you might request to be examined at the police station.

It may be advantageous for you to take the test at the police station since the time it takes to get there will give your body a chance to process any alcohol you may have consumed. Additionally, it guarantees a more accurate exam for you.

After Release, Examine the Specifications  

Your attorney will request every detail of your case that you can recall. Write down the details as quickly as possible, including the precise time and location of when you were stopped, where you were and what you did before being arrested, what you said to the arresting officer, and what the officer said to you. Even a seemingly unimportant item could become essential to your DUI attorney as the case develops.

Hire a qualified DUI attorney.

The most crucial action you can take to ensure a successful legal outcome is to hire a reputable DUI/DUI attorney. Make sure the attorney you choose has experience with Oklahoma DUI law.

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