Do You Need a Green Card Lawyer to Help You With the Application Procedure?

Immigration lawyers help you become aware of your rights and obligations, get a visa, as well as review other available options. A Green Card Lawyer can help you when you file your immigration documents and serve as your representative in court if needed. Hiring them can help you save both money and time. With their help, you can understand the procedures better and negotiate many legal complications in getting a green card. When applying for an immigrant visa to the United States, you will need to submit various civil documents to establish your identity, eligibility, and background information.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney to Ease the Legal Process

Immigration law in the United States is difficult to understand. While it helps you unite with your loved ones in the U. S., it can deny you entry if don’t have enough resources or you are a security or safety threat. It can take a criminal conviction, a past visa overstay, employment loss, or a major health problem to become inadmissible, which requires additional work to persuade immigration officers to approve your application. And when something goes wrong with your documents in the hands of the immigration office, you might need to wait for hours or even days to speak with a customer service representative from the office if you don’t have an attorney on your side. 

How an Attorney Can Help You with the Green Card Application Process

Although it’s not important to have a lawyer when you request a green card or immigrant visit in the U. S., a lot of circumstances can arise when the assistance of an attorney can be useful. This can be the case as a lot of challenges can occur during the application process. An attorney can help you with your green card application by:

  • Making sure you meet the requirements. You need to meet some requirements to apply for a U. S. green card. An attorney can help you determine your eligibility through family connections, employment, immigrant status, and other factors. 
  • Establishes your qualification for residency based on your family connection. To qualify for a U. S. residency, you must fulfill some requirements first. For instance, you can be a qualified applicant if you are a spouse of a U. S. citizen, a citizen’s child below 21 years old, or a parent of a U. S. citizen who is at the age of at least 21.
  • Assist with the application procedure. Once your attorney establishes your qualification, they can help you prepare your application and ensure you have the necessary supporting documents These include your photos, birth certificate, government-issued identity paper, government forms, immigration status evidence, paperwork that shows your family connection, and others. 

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