5 Live Tv Movie Channels For Your Viewing Pleasure On Zee5

ZEE5 is home to all kinds of content that you can find around the globe, ranging from movies to TV soap operas to gut-wrenching reality shows. But, did you know that the platform is also one of the very few of its kind that lets you access a multitude of live TV channels if you are someone who likes the traditional way of viewing content on the small screen, or are in the mood to explore content at random? This article will list down 5 of the live TV movie channels that you can access on the streamer to either catch the broadcast of your favorite film or explore them at random. Read on to know more.

ZEE Cinema HD

If you are in the mood for some of the all time greats that have come out of Indian cinema, Zee Cinema HD is the movie channel for you. This network, which was launched in 1995, has been the go-to movie channel for millions of families who love to watch their favorite stories together. Due to this, it is one of the very first channels to broadcast the latest movie releases after the conclusion of their theatrical run.

&pictures HD

Feeling a little bit international but still want to watch your favorite Hollywood content in Hindi? Look no further than &pictures HD. This particular channel lets you access some of the more coming-of-age Hindi stories and blockbusters from the west in Hindi. One of the reasons why you should consider watching your western movies in Hindi is due to the fact that, sometimes, the Hindi-dubbed dialogues for such productions turn out to be more impactful than the original. Have a look right away to know what we are talking about.

&prive HD

You can take a deep dive into the depths of the content from the west by simply tuning into your &prive HD. This particular channel has the most diverse range of Hollywood movies, which are broadcast in their original language, of perhaps any other channel in the market. You can find films ranging in genres such as comedy, dramedy, neo noir, cerebral cinema, love stories, and films that will stay with you for fairly long after watching. 

&flix HD

While &prive HD broadcasts more layered and nuanced cinematic pieces, &flix is more for the kind of English movie-watching audience that prefers live hearted stories that they can kick back and relax with. The channel broadcasts a host of heartwarming and wholesome presentations that will help you take your mind off a long and stressful day at work, school, or school/college. This channel can also be your go-to option for watching some feel good presentations with your significant other on a weekend night.

&xplor HD

This particular live TV channel is meant for those kinds of movie consumers who want to see the kind of films that are non formulaic and unpredictable, to say the least. Every time you tune into this channel, you will be treated to some of the most audacious films that have been made by Indian filmmakers. This channel ensures that you will be on a wild ride almost any time you log in or switch it on.

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