What’s New in WebWork Time Tracker: Communication and HR Tools

When you’re running a company, it’s important to ensure your team is working towards a goal. You want to make sure that every employee is spending their time effectively and efficiently.

That’s where the WebWork time tracker comes in. It’s a time-tracking and employee-monitoring software for companies, remote teams, and independent contractors.

It helps you keep track of how much time each employee spends on any given project or task and what they’re working on throughout the day.

It also provides transparency in the team, assuring your employees are on the same page and working towards a mutual goal.

This article is all about the important new features that have been implemented in WebWork Time Tracker, allowing you to easily track time, manage your team schedules, and even send automated time off requests. 


  • For businesses, remote teams, and independent contractors, WebWork Time Tracker is a time-tracking and employee-monitoring tool
  • It tracks time with screenshots that have 4 different modes to ensure employees spend their time productively.
  • You can monitor the attendance of your team members with an automated attendance tracking process.
  • Productivity monitoring gives you insights into where your employees spend their time, and if their activities are productive, neutral, or not productive.
  • WebWork’s new features include team chat, video calls, and time off requests.
  • Team chat allows you to communicate with your team members directly from the software.
  • Video calls are available in private and public modes, allowing you to create a room and add up to 10 teammates.
  • Time-off requests and public holidays are now an integral part of WebWork time tracker’s software, allowing team members to have quick access to their non-working days.

All-in-all Business Tool for Workflow Management

WebWork Time Tracker is a time tracking and employee monitoring software for companies, remote teams, and independent contractors. 

You don’t want to spend all day micro-managing your employees, but you also don’t want them wasting time or taking too much of it off. And that’s where WebWork Time Tracker comes in!

The holistic features of the software allow users the following main functionality:

  • Time tracking
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Reports

Let’s explore them in more detail.

Time Tracking With Screenshots

Supervisors can observe their employees’ daily activities by using time tracking with screenshots. Additionally, it increases team productivity and gives them greater control over the time resources available to a corporation.

We believe time tracking should be easy. That’s why we designed our screenshot recording module as customizable as possible. Capturing screenshots is an essential yet not used by every team functionality.

Simply add team members to your project, and activate screenshots. Then you can decide the frequency of screenshots for your team or individual members.

To avoid invading employees’ privacy, the WebWork time tracker automatically blurs screenshots with open chats.

You can see all your generated screenshots on your dashboard.

You can also see the activity level in each screenshot.

Attendance Monitoring

How successfully you handle staff time and attendance will have a big impact on how productive your business is. By keeping accurate records of employees’ time, you may monitor the anticipated completion dates of particular projects and spot any time-consuming details.

Additionally, the advantages of an attendance management system include accurate data that can be relied upon, better productivity, lower costs, and legal compliance.

Automate your employee attendance tracking process with WebWork Time Tracker in a well-structured format. 

Your employees can automatically check in and check out, and even specify what they are working on, so you know how much time it takes them to complete a specific task.

You can instantly generate your preferred information with filters of early leaving, late coming, and others.

The software allows you to set up multiple departments with different settings and rules.


Productivity Monitoring

By monitoring the amount of time spent on activities, employee productivity tracking software aids companies in understanding staff productivity patterns. You can identify which team members are fully engaged and which are idly browsing unproductive websites and apps after doing a productivity audit.

To track your employees’ productivity, WebWorker needs to know if you consider every used app or website productive, neutral, or unproductive for your business. That’s why the software allows you to label apps and websites that your employees use as:

  • Productive – Relevant to a team’s work
  • Neutral – Content used regularly that does not interfere with work nor detract from it. For example Slack or Asana.
  • Unproductive – Viewing private content while working, distracting employees from your work


Once the content has been reviewed and labeled as Productive, Unproductive, or Neutral, you can start tracking employees’ spent time on each app or website as per your labeling.

On top of calculating total Productive, Unproductive, and Neutral time for each employee and/or team, WebWork also records the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes and calculates the activity level accordingly. 

WebWorker will enable you to analyze the tracked data via productivity reports.


You can access all the information about tracked hours, productivity levels, apps, and website usage from our comprehensive and detailed reports.

All this information is presented in clear graphs, charts, and tables so that you can analyze it without difficulty.

You have the chance to see how your staff spend their working hours with screenshot reports. Screenshot Mode, Background Mode, No Screenshot Mode, and Blurred Mode are the 4 available screenshot modes.

The attendance reports give quick information about the start and end of working time, displaying early leaves and late comings in red.

Productivity reports provide an overview of the tasks with all relevant details, the activity level, and the activity description. It lists the most popular websites and apps and assigns percentage ratings for each, including the productive, unproductive, and neutral categories. 

To assure the veracity of reporting, you can customize each app and website’s productivity settings for each team separately.

You can also access other types of reports, such as:

  • Timesheet reports
  • Realtime monitoring report
  • Task and timeline reports
  • Activity description and activity level reports
  • Statistics reports

WebWork’s New Features 

With new features and added functionality, the WebWork time tracker aims to become an all-in-one tool for organizations and teams.

Let’s explore some of the new features in more detail.

Team Chat

WebWork is now a one-stop shop for all your team communication needs!

With team chat, now you can chat with your teammates in private messages, create group channels, and discuss work right inside WebWork—no need to switch between apps.

Since team chat doesn’t limit the size of your team, you can add as many people as you want!

Freelancers can work on your project on WebWork, track their billable hours, and communicate with you on team chat. Private channels are great for direct messaging, be it with a coworker or a client.

Video Call

One of our latest addition is video calls, which means you can now have face-to-face meetings with team members regardless of where they are. 

Just go to “Video Call” on the lower left side of your dashboard. You can either join an already-existing room or create your own. 

You can also decide whether the call is private or public.  If you want to have a private call with selected members, turn on the “Private” toggle. 

And there’s no reason you should limit yourself to just one person: right now you can have a call with up to 10 people, but we’ll be increasing that number very soon. 

Time Off

We have made it possible to manage your employees’ schedules from a single location by setting up shifts, holidays, and leave requests.

Now, your employees can request time off directly from the WebWork software.

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your employees informed about public holidays, look no further.

With Holidays, you can use public holidays as an opportunity to strengthen your company culture—all while ensuring your employees have quick access to the most relevant information they need.

WebWork allows you to create a calendar of public holidays and add them to your calendar. You can then share this calendar with your employees so that they know which days are non-working days.

Final Words about WebWork Time Tracker

We’ve said a lot here, but the key takeaway which I hope you’ll be able to take away from all of it is simple: we care. We have worked hard to make this product in our image, and we intend to continue on that path. 

We look forward to seeing what you can do with it as well and helping you along the way.

If you are not yet using WebWork, contact us today for a personal demo.

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