Things to Do and Know Your Rights if You are Facing Deportation

It can be your worst dream to know that you will have to appear in removal proceedings and may get deported. Since you may not be aware of the immigration laws and your rights in a different country, you might get confused about what to do. People tend to get panic when they receive the notice. Many people also tend to hide or go around deportation, which is never suggested. If you are facing deportation, all you need is legal help. It is strongly recommended to call an immigration lawyer immediately.

Understand the court proceedings

After you have received the notice, the next step you need to take is to contact a lawyer. He will make you understand all the procedures to be taken and court proceedings as they go. Moreover, if English is not your language, the court will provide you with a translator or interpreter, who can make you understand what is going on in the court. You have a right to understand the court proceedings.

Hire an attorney on your own 

It is suggested to contact a lawyer on your behalf. To find the best one, you should speak with a few of them and compare them with one another. If you use a lawyer that the court will assign, you may not have many choices. If you hire an attorney on your own, you have better chances of winning the case because you can discuss your matter, fears and anxieties.

Ask about the charges

It is also vital to know the attorney’s fees because you have the right to hire an attorney if you can afford one. In case, money is a constraint, you should not think about hiring him because it will be an additional burden on you. In this case, you cannot afford a private attorney; you can always submit an application in court asking for a lawyer.

Hire a qualified and experienced lawyer

One thing you should be aware of is that this is a serious matter to get the notice of deportation. That’s why, it is suggested to hire an attorney, who understands the seriousness of the case. He should be knowledgeable, expert and experienced in the respective field. This way, you will be able to hire the best one and resolve your matter in a better way.

You might have to take immediate steps after getting the notice so that you can deal with the case properly.

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