Three Tips to Help You Hire the Best Vancouver Domestic Violence Lawyer to Defend You in Court

Domestic violence attorneys are not the same. And you should not hire the first or cheapest one you can find out there. Otherwise, this could cost you seriously. When you face a domestic violence charge, you should take it seriously because it can lead to life-changing consequences. So, you must put more effort into finding the best Vancouver domestic violence lawyer to defend you at trial. Here are some tips that can help you hire the right person for the job:

Hire a Lawyer Who Has the Right Experience

It is fine to hire a lawyer you know personally; however, you should not do this just because they are giving you a discount. When you choose a lawyer, ensure they possess all the necessary experience and training as well as offer a reasonable rate for their services. Keep in mind that a lot is at stake, and you don’t want to gamble with certain things. The most important factor you should consider is the lawyer’s experience and expertise in domestic violence cases.

Ensure the Lawyer is Aggressive Enough to Fight for You in Court But Not Overly-Aggressive

When you hire a lawyer to defend you against a domestic violence accusation, ensure they put time and effort into your case to increase your chances of getting positive results. They must push for the best deposition, but they should not be too aggressive to take your case to trial and have you paying a hefty sum of money only to get a worse outcome than you could have gotten when your attorney negotiated a settlement. The best attorney to hire knows when going to trial makes sense and focuses on achieving the best outcome for you, not for them.

Do Not Hire a Lawyer Out of Pressure

A domestic violence allegation can make your mind blow and leave you unable to think wisely. As a result, you could feel pressured about hiring a lawyer you failed to assess thoroughly. When you interview a lawyer, expect them to tell you mostly positive things about them just to gain your business. They will claim to be the best in Vancouver, BC, so you should always do your homework first before you make a decision. 

If a lawyer pressures you to sign with them during the interview, this should be a red flag. An attorney who does this is more concerned about their own interest than yours.

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