Is It The High Season for Weddings in the UAE?

Regarding wedding expenses, the UAE is one of the top nations. The wedding business, which generates approximately 700 million dollars annually, claims that weddings cost roughly $80,000 on average. Additionally, when people’s financial standing improves, the wealthiest individuals search for distinctive wedding packages. As a result, the Middle East’s wedding industry is expanding rapidly. Due to the lavish weddings held there, Dubai has also become a popular wedding destination, with most bridal shows taking advantage of this trend. In reality, the price of a wedding in Dubai may range from Dhs 20,000 for a modest ceremony to Dhs 500 million for a lavish one. To book your wedding hall in Dubai, it may cost you around Dhs 1000 to Dhs 5 million.

According to further estimates, compared to other regions of the world, couples get married in Dubai and spend the most money there. Due to the expanding wedding industry, wedding venues are seeing tremendous growth. The Dubai World Centre, which holds most of the national weddings at roughly 25 receptions each month, is one well-liked location. The facility hosts roughly 66 weddings per month, yet trends have been advancing over time.

The Perfect Time to Wed in Dubai

While your love for your spouse and enthusiasm for marriage may not necessarily be impacted by the changing seasons, it may undoubtedly impact how much you enjoy your wedding. Determining the day you want to get married comes before the ostensibly important considerations of location, guests, and decorations. Winter is the perfect season for weddings. Some days are better than others for getting married, even though this may not seem clear.


One of Dubai’s most eagerly anticipated seasons is winter. Dubai does not have a severe or tolerable winter like other nations. Both locals and visitors alike appreciate and rejoice throughout the winter months. This is what makes now the ideal time of year for a wedding. The pleasant chilly evenings, gentle blue sky, and fresh breezes will undoubtedly give a particular elegance to your wedding.

The winter season typically begins in October and lasts through March, although December to February is ideal for weddings. In Dubai, this time of year is perfect for outdoor weddings. You may arrange a beach wedding with your coordinator without stressing about the scorching heat. Simply said, you will have a blank slate to work with and may choose to go in any way, whether it be an elaborate event or a more private setting.

In the winter, alternatives are accessible both indoors and outside. If you want your wedding to be indoors, there are several wedding venues in Abu Dhabi. So, skilled wedding planners can put together the wedding of your dreams, whether you desire a rustic outdoor wedding or a snowy interior setting. You may book your wedding hall in any of the locations best suited for you in Dubai.

Spring – For individuals who enjoy flowers

Spring may be the ideal time of year for you if you want an especially “flowery” wedding. There are plenty of fresh flowers, and the weather is typically favorable. Happiness is practically sprouting all around you. A spring wedding in Dubai allows you to celebrate the beginning of a new stage of your life on a lively, colorful, and fresh occasion. You may also book wedding venues in Abu Dhabi and communicate with your event planner to ensure that the hall decor is floral-themed.

Summer – lovely yet challenging

Summer weddings might be challenging, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t still be spectacular. Given how hot summer weddings in Dubai can get, you will need the assistance of a skilled wedding planner to make the ideal interior arrangements. You may book wedding halls in Sharjah as an alternative for outdoor arrangements.

Autumn – ideal for a relaxed wedding

Most wedding planners concur that the least stressful season to get married is fall. This is so because autumn is the ideal time of year when summer has just gone, and winter is approaching but hasn’t yet arrived. You may take advantage of the wonderfully lovely weather because it is neither too hot nor too chilly.

Due to the strong demand for hotels and the frequent busyness of event planners, you may have to spend a little extra during this season because it is so famous for weddings. It would be ideal to hire a skilled wedding coordinator in this circumstance.


Setting the right time for a wedding can be challenging. But you have to think of every factor that can help you decide on the season that will be best for your wedding preparations.

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