Google Ad Grants: What Not-For-Profits Could Be Missing Out On

Since 2003, Google Ad Grants has been serving non-profits to hire individuals and raise funds. The entire team has helped to accomplish the goals of the non-profits. But, to avail of this great opportunity, the non-profits must know more about Google Ad Grants.

To qualify such organisations, Google Ad Grants offers ads worth $10,000 every month. So, in this article, we will cover everything a non-profit organisation must know about the grant that the advertising platform offers.

Why must non-profits go for Google Ad Grants?

While getting an Ad Grant is easy, there are numerous reasons why a professional should consider applying for the grant. So, with this in mind, let’s check out the benefits of the grant Google Ads is proud to offer.

Helps to acquire many site engagements:

When you want to promote something, you must direct the reader’s attention to the website. Besides, you will have to entice visitors to participate in online events or donate something to the organisation. But, when you get the grant, it features the news and valuable information among the top search engine results. As the content gains visibility, many individuals are likely to engage online.

Enhances connecting with current donors:

When non-profits have to communicate with donors, most of the professionals are familiar with the task of increasing the email open rate. They also have to work toward streamlining their reach through social media. However, Google Ad Grants offer ways to communicate with the donors in a better way. The initiative helps to place ads properly to enhance online visibility. Every existing donor will then be able to check out the message once the ad goes viral.

Aids to running many campaigns:

With the help of Google Ad Grants, you will not be running just one campaign. Instead, you can be flexible enough to run many campaigns simultaneously. Moreover, once you use the metrics, you can gauge the success of the marketing strategies. Additionally, with various messages delivered online, you can compare the performance of different campaigns.

Helps you to track the campaign’s progress:

Soon after pairing Google’s Analytics tool with the Ad Grant, you can gather data regarding the campaign’s performance. On the other hand, you will also be able to check what works to engage the visitors. Through some tools, you will later be able to optimise the website depending on your goals.

Which organisation qualifies for a Google Ad Grant? 

In the present era, most small non-profits can apply for grants. However, the organisation has to consider some factors to determine the overall value of the grant. They must figure out how many people are searching for the relevant topics. Consequently, the team must also ensure that relevant information and content are present on the website.

The extent to which Google Ad offers assistance does not depend on the organisation’s size. In fact, small size non-profit companies will reap more benefits through the grant. The organisation’s team will later be quite happy to convey the messages to a large audience. However, the companies must meet certain eligibility criteria. Apart from being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation in the US, the company must not be a school or a hospital. The company must also have a secure website along with an SSL certificate.

How can a non-profit use a Google Ad Grant?

Whenever the non-profit needs to use Google Ad Grant, it has to qualify as per the criteria. Later, the company has to register through and get a validation token. But, before moving ahead, the firm must ensure that Google Analytics has been installed on its website.

While applying for the grant, the company has to submit the website address to Google. In addition, the team will also have to create a Google Ad account and send its details for approval. A bit later, the team has to set conversion tracking and install Google Tag Manager. Once the team sets the goals, the analytics tool will give an idea about which pages are helping to complete the user’s task.


To summarise, many non-profits must opt for a Google Ad grant because it helps to enhance online engagement. The company’s team will also be able to run multiple campaigns simultaneously through Google Ads. But, the company should have a secure and high-quality website to qualify for the grant. Moreover, the company can use the grant only after setting up tools and the relevant account.

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