Cracking The Mailchimp Subscriber Limit Code with low budget free email marketing tools

Email marketing would be one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing if you did not know already. The average ROI is $42 for every $1.

What exactly is email marketing?  

Email marketing is used when you need to drive sales, send out information or build a community. You can do all of these with an email newsletter. You can send bulk commercial emails with free mass email marketing tools to your email subscribers.

Before, it was more about one size fits all mass emails. Now, the scenario changed. Now, it focuses more on personalization and segmentation. And this is where the best email marketing software comes in.

Mailchimp – an overview:

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool. It has various plans that benefit small and medium businesses. At the same time, Mailchimp can handle large campaigns for giant corporations. Even startups find it useful for analytical and efficient technological plans. With Mailchimp, users can build, analyze and deploy email campaigns. Business owners can customize the email even though there are pre-designed templates. Users can modify them according to their needs. Mailchimp provides a monthly cap of 12000 mails for 2000 contacts for free for startups with a low budget. The main features of MailChimp are –

  • Designer
  • Reports
  • Editor
  • Social sharing
  • Custom forms
  • Automation
  • Email client testing
  • Geolocation
  • Integration

Despite all these pros, it comes with its own set of issues.  

Firstly, even if they have a generous freemium plan, the prices keep increasing. And it does so very quickly. Once you need to increment your numbers, contacts, or emails, the expenses become very high.

Secondly, it is pretty tricky to use. The interface is not very user-friendly. Also, Mailchimp reserves the right to cancel or suspend your account without any prior notice. So, you have to test every mail before sending it out. Because if you are getting too many spam complaints or unsubscribe notifications, your account will cease to exist.

Other than these, you will have to spend more time and money changing the forms because the Mailchimp templates are elementary. And it is not very easy to have a membership-based site.

Therefore, users are leaning more towards cheaper Mailchimp alternatives these days. Below I will discuss everything you need to know about low-budget email marketing tools.

Low budget email marketing tools – why you should consider them:

The low-budget email marketing tools as like MailBluster free email marketing tools are way cheaper than Mailchimp. They rely on the user’s Amazon account, and they use Amazon SES to send bulk emails. They are advanced, reliable, and very much cost-effective. They are powerful enough to send entirely personalized mail to millions at once.


  •    List segmenting– You can target and retarget subscribers based on products bought or based on who clicked a link or opened a specific mail with the bulk email marketing services.
  •    Delivery timing– You can schedule your campaigns with the cheapest email marketing tool according to the subscriber’s time zone. So, no more disturbing your contacts in the middle of the night.
  •    A/B testing process– You can set two different variations of one campaign with the low-budget email tool. This helps you figure out the more practical option. That, in turn, encourages more open clicks and conversions.
  •    Drop and drop– The drop and drop email composer is one of the most exciting features. You may use this to create responsive HTML newsletters. As a result, you can now send professional marketing emails to the people who are most interested in you.
  •    Real-time tracking and reporting– The Mailchimp alternative, email marketing software, can track user activities. It allows you to visualize clicks, opens, complaints and bounces in real-time. Also, it sends you reports of e-commerce conversions with charts and data.

Other than these, there are more exciting features that you can take advantage of to boost your campaign. Those are – Custom fields, developer API, attachment mails, and personalized tags. It also offers high deliverability and imports lists without any reconfirmations. You can even add or delete users in bulk.

To top it off all, it has very flexible pricing. So, you would only need to pay for what you are using. It is very beneficial and affordable for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can send up to 62k emails per month to an unlimited number of subscribers. And if you require more than that, you can do that at a very minimal cost. You can send unlimited emails at $0.1 per 1000 emails to an unlimited number of users. And with these plans, there will be no branding of the bulk email marketing service on the emails.

Other things to keep in mind while using the cheapest email marketing tool: 

  1. You will require having an amazon account. Since they will send and track emails through amazon account with Amazon SESand Amazon SNS.
  2. When you end up using your 62k free email limits, you need not worry. After finishing the free forever plan, you can switch to the paid plan anytime and send unlimited emails.
  3. After upgrading to the unlimited plan, you can still enjoy the free 62k mails. You can divide your campaigns and send emails under two different plans.
  4. The free plans will not need any amazon fees. But when you use a paid plan, the pricing of the bulk email marketing servicedoes not include the Amazon SES service fees. You will have to pay differently for your amazon account.

If you have read this article till this point, you know all the perks and cons of using email marketing software. And how they can benefit your business irrespective of your campaign budget. Email marketing is a great way to increase your brand recognition and boost your sales. It helps in the development of a solid relationship with your consumers. And if you are on a tight budget, you can optimize your budget and also your time. With the help of low-budget email marketing tools, you can start with meagre costs. The process of choosing the right email service provider, however, can be troublesome. I hope this blog will give you a head start on that. Good luck with your marketing campaigns!

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