Newcomers Introductory Outline Of Online Slots Games & its Types

Describes the slots that can be played at online casinos. There are two main types of slots. “Classic slot” and “Video slot.” If you are new to online casinos, let’s start by learning easily by เว็บสล็อต (web slot) type.

Classic slot:

It is a general slot “classic slot” familiar in-game centers and pachinko parlors. It is a slot that is easy for beginners to play with a simple winning pattern that you can get a refund if the patterns are aligned in 3 lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

The “classic slot” is a traditional slot with three reels and is a type of slot that you often see in pachinko parlors.  A “classic slot” slot is an old-fashioned slot with three rows of reels vertically and one or three rows horizontally, machines currently being played in Thailand.

In the case of “classic slot,” if there are three lines of patterns with the same pattern, it is vertical and horizontal. There are a few minutes when you bet diagonally and a pattern, but if there is only one line, it is only a few minutes because it is only horizontal.

“Classic Slots” is also known as “Reel Slots” in games with orthodox design. There is no flashy production, but because it is a simple game and the number of reels is small, it is easy to understand the rules and winning patterns, even for models playing for the first time.

Video slot:

The “video slot” is different from the general “classic slot” familiar in arcades and land-based casinos. The “video slot” that can represent lines and reels has a high degree of freedom, and the line is closer to a figure than a line, so it can be said that it is already difficult to call it a line.

However, for that reason, the number of lines has increased dramatically from the classic slot, and there are a maximum of 25 lines, and there are also 40 lines. In most cases, the “video slot” has the following explanation representing the pay line, so please check it before playing.

About video slots with jackpot function:

Some video slots have jackpot features. By aligning the jackpot patterns, you can earn the entire amount displayed in the jackpot victory gold). A system called is introduced.

There is a possibility of a jackpot apart from the pane line. You can get a refund if you align the patterns in various places, even if you deviate from the line frame (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

Online casino slots can be enjoyed in various ways depending on the manufacturer and model, such as flashy productions and unique bonuses. If you are playing a slot machine for the first time, it may be difficult to understand the bonus entry conditions and the combination of payouts, so it is better to keep the stake low until you get used to it.

About the bet amount of the video slot:

Online casino slots allow you to set your bet amount yourself. You will play with the default amount if you do not decide the amount to bet before spinning the slot.

By default, the amount that is played most often is set, but if you want to play at a low rate or if you want to aim for a large prize with a high bet, you need to set the amount.

The formula of bet amount for one spin of the slot. Amount of one coin x number of lines x number of coins bet on one line. For example, when playing the above Iron Man with the smallest coin, “$ 0.01 “x” 25 lines “x” 1 piece” = $ 0.25. Is the minimum bet amount when turning the reel once?

Conclusion Remark

Earlier, gambling was not available for everyone. You had to travel to a distant casino to play. You would have to spend money on travel and accommodation. In addition, it was out of reach for the average person. But, thanks to online casino sites, you can enjoy the experience of gambling anytime and anywhere. All you need is an Internet-enabled device, and you can start playing slots immediately. There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy when playing an online slot.

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