Are you a victim of a motorcycle accident in Atlanta? Then, this article is for you!

About 42% of motorcycle accidents in The US are from the Atlanta region. If you are a victim and clueless about the legal process, you can contact an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer. Experienced lawyers dealing with motorcycle accidents can help you deal with the situation better. 

An accident may cause death, serious injury, multiple fractures, or paralysis. You will have to collect evidence from the accident site, get the help of an accident reconstruction expert, etc., to get a better picture of the incident. 

The best time to contact a legal expert in case of an accident is as soon as possible. 

Why would you need an attorney?

Lawyers specializing in motorcycle accidents are in a better position to evaluate your case. 

They can argue for your accident case and help get you a compensation amount more than what the insurance companies may offer. 

Also, you will be in double jeopardy if you try to handle the case along with your recovery from the accident. Similarly, if you lost a loved one in an accident, you will be in no position to argue for the case. An attorney can take care of the legal nuances while you take the time to recover from the accident.

How can an attorney help you?

Most law firms offer free case evaluation and have dedicated trial teams to deal with your case. Trial teams are legal experts who will cover all the intricacies involved in your case. 

There are so many successful law firms in Atlanta that offer legal services for motorcycle accidents. But, it is wise to contact an attorney as soon as possible. It can help collect evidence that can make your case stronger. 

What is the cost involved?

Usually, the attorneys do not charge an hourly fee for accident cases. They deduct a percentage from your compensation. On average, 30% of the compensation you get is taken as a fee. 

What determines the compensation?

The severity of the injury, your medical bills, and many other factors help decide the compensation. Your attorney or trial team will get you the just amount with the help of their expertise. 


As a victim of a motorcycle accident, suffer no more! Contact an attorney to get compensation and move on from this painful stage of life. Almost all law firms give you an initial case evaluation. You can choose your attorney after checking out a couple of law firms in your locality. 

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