Is BigFaFa Part of the BCLC?

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is currently one of the largest gaming conglomerates in all of Canada, but the recent surge in popularity for online casinos has helped up-and-coming platforms like BigFaFa reach unprecedented heights. The ability to play games of skill and chance from the sanctity of one’s own home has enticed thousands to jump on board and see what all the hype has been about. The best part may be that aside from offering the newest and best gaming options, BigFaFa also offers the ability to bet on live sports from an extensive library.

 When I first found out that I would be staying home for a while at the beginning of 2020, I knew that I needed to do something to keep my mind occupied and keep myself entertained. A few of my friends had been more into online casinos than me through the years, and they turned me on to I have played in physical casinos, with many being commissioned by the BCLC. I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t at all skeptical of putting my hard-earned money into BigFaFa, but I found out quickly that my fears were unfounded.

What Can BigFaFa Offer to Me?

Those of you that are familiar with how a corporation like the BCLC operates understand that gambling in Canada typically involves some type of lottery, casino, or EGaming platform. BigFaFa is actively involved in developing and providing some of the most in-demand offerings for online casino gaming and eGaming. As a newer platform, BigFaFa may not yet be on the same footing as the BCLC and similar gaming corporations, but it sure looks to be well on its way there.

If you are interested in having the most extensive options for testing your skill and luck against real people from across Canada and many other places, BigFaFa provides the greatest opportunity to do so. The first time you head to, you’ll immediately find their most popular games prominently displayed and an easy-to-follow interface that can direct you to all the other games that they offer, too. It was clear to me right away that the developers at BigFaFa and their partners work tirelessly to bring people like you and me the best possible games at the tips of our fingers.

But if gaming isn’t really your thing and you crave the action that comes with a great sportsbook, BigFaFa also has you covered. I’ve been getting more involved with sports betting in the last few months, and I’ve found myself interested in seeing what other online casinos offer, and BigFaFa is absolutely towards or at the top of the pack. You have the ability to bet on the big-ticket sports like the MLB, NBA, and NHL, but can also whet your appetite in any number of NCAA level sports, cricket, and eSports! Wagers don’t have to be large, either, which makes someone like me extremely happy. I’ve seen some of the bets that friends of mine have placed, and they’re more than happy placing some big bets that I’d never dream of. But if that’s your thing, you’ll most certainly be satisfied!

BigFaFa is Growing Each Day

I’ll be honest with you every step of the way. Is BigFaFa on the same footing as the BCLC? Not yet. But there are legitimately no other online casinos that can offer you the same types of experiences. From the time that I joined a few months back to today, thousands of people have been joining each week and there have been no signs of slowing down that trend. Part of that reason is due to the various reasons that I have talked about above, but also because of the many “little things” that BigFaFa does well.

Corporations like the BCLC do many things very well, but when you’re that large you might not be able to offer as personalized a customer service experience as a young and ambitious company like BigFaFa can. Look no further than the friendly, multilingual, and around the clock support that is available to all players all the time. I’ve had very few issues that needed addressing to begin with but knowing that any types of concerns I might have can be remedied immediately is the ultimate peace of mind.

There are also no sacrifices made regarding deposit and withdrawal options, with the most current and desired methods of doing either fully available on Whether you’d like to deposit and withdraw with a traditional bank transfer or with your cryptocurrency of choice, BigFaFa supports many of the same methods that the largest casinos can, and with speed at the same or greater rates.

It may sound cliché, but there really is no better time to get involved with an online casino and sportsbook. People have been on the hunt for ways to turn hobbies into cash, and by taking a penchant for playing mobile and pc games to a phenomenal online casino, it is easily achievable. With so many offerings, sports lovers of any kind can find exactly what they are looking for with BigFaFa as well. Instead of taking my word for it, why not take a peek for yourself and stop sitting on the sidelines.

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