How to write an excellent essay?

In this article, you will find practical tips for writing an essay in English. We will analyze the available styles, cliches, templates, introductory phrases, and also evaluate the finished works. If you still have difficulties with academic writing you can contact write my paper with WritingAPaper writers to get help. Professional writers can aid you in writing any kind of essay.


An essay is a short piece of text that expresses the author’s subjective point of view on a given topic. To write such high-quality work in English, you need not only to know the language at the proper level but also to understand the cliches, templates, and schemes of writing an essay.

At the time of 2022, the essay is evaluated in accordance with the volume, content, structure, with the accuracy of the selection of words, grammatical constructions. The volume of the essay should range from 180 to 275 words. Essays with more or fewer words will not be counted.

Also, the following items can be attributed to the innovations of 2022:

  • there are several topics to choose from;
  • the evaluation criteria have been changed
  • the wording of the taskhas been clarified. Now, instead of “Make an introduction (state the problem)” in the task, you can see “Make an introduction (state the problem paraphrasing the given statement)”.

Essay structure

For the correct writing of the work, it must correspond to a certain structure.

  1. Title.
  2. Introduction (introductory part). Here, in this part it is necessary to identify the problem. This can be done by reformulating the topic and using ready-made cliches. For example:

Nowadays, the issue of… causes great discussions and doubt.

Some people consider that… but others think…

On the one hand, on the other hand…

  1. The main part. This is the most meaningful part. Here the author should express his opinion based on the points of view already stated. You need to specify 2-3 arguments in support of your view of the problem. In this part, it will be appropriate to use various words-bundles. Such as, for example: in my opinion, moreover, in this case, in general, specifically, in particular, anyway, in any case, and others. It is also necessary to express the opposite opinion, supporting it with 1-2 arguments. You can join with such a phrase as:

Nevertheless, there is another point of view on the problem.

Next, you need to express the reasons for your disagreement with the opinion of your opponents. So you have to find another argument in favor of your point of view.

  1. Conclusion. This part contains conclusions from the presented argumentation and the entire text in general. It is logical, to sum up, the reasoning with the following phrases:

In conclusion, I can confidently say that the issue of… is still very controversial. But I am sure that…

To summarize, I would like to say that the problem of… is still very actual.

According to this scheme, you can prepare a plan not only for any topic but also for any type of essay. All you need to do is add two opposing opinions, your arguments to the ready-made “skeleton” and sum up. Despite this, it is also necessary to know the possible types of essays, since they still allow for some peculiarities in the structure of the essay.

Types of essays in English

Opinion. Opinion essay

Here the author needs to express his thoughts and ideas about this problem. Here the emphasis is on one’s own opinion, simultaneously examining the topic from different angles.

Pros and cons. Contrast essay

In such a work, the author needs to consider two opposing points of view with an absolutely unbiased mind. Moreover, one can express one’s opinion only in conclusion.

The solution to the problem. Suggesting solution to a problem

Here the author will be offered one or another global problem for which it will be necessary to find solutions. The parts of the plan are as follows:

  • Identify the problem, its causes, and consequences;
  • the main part. Tell about the ways to solve the problem and identify possible consequences. Every decision needs to be clearly and logically argued;
  • To summarize all of the above.

Introductory phrases, speech cliches, templates

In addition to the above words and phrases, you can use many others. You can also combine them by creating your own. The main thing is to know the grammar and translation of each of the words well.

Phrase templates for the introductory part:

Some people claim that… while others are sure that…

Today it is generally accepted that… but some people still think that…

The problem that is causing a lot of controversies today is…

Cliches for the main part:

From my personal point of view, it is obvious that…

To begin with…


To be more precise…

Besides the fact…

First of all (first) / secondly (second thing) / thirdly (third thing) / finally… (First, second, third, finally…).

I absolutely agree/disagree with the statement

As far as I’m concerned…

Cliche for the conclusion:

In conclusion, I would like to say that…

To sum up…

Summing up…

Anyway, I am convinced that…

To summarize…

In conclusion, I should note that…

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