All About Drawer Runners

You might be thinking, “what are drawer runners?” They are a small part of any cabinet or piece of furniture that let’s the drawer move in and out. There are many different types and there are some tiny differences, but they are all interchangeable!

Runners are typically attached to the side of the drawer box and the inner wall surface of the cabinet. They come in ball bearing or bottom fix styles and are available for a range of applications from kitchen drawer runners to bedroom furniture.

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Ball Bearing

Every drawer you find in your home – including your desks, dressers and nightstands – uses drawer runners. These are hidden from view but essential for the function of the drawer.

The most common type of drawer slide is ball bearing slides. These are designed to reduce friction so that the drawers can smoothly close and open.

Unlike roller slides that use rollers for movement, ball bearings have ball-shaped components that act as a telescopic mechanism. When the telescopic component is extended it slides along a pair of ball bearings until it fully opens.

Typically, ball-bearing slides require about half a ” of clearance on each side for proper operation. This is less than what’s required with side-mounted types, but it does help keep the cabinet tucked in when using a full extension slide.

Bottom Fix

Drawers require runners, or slides, to move them in and out of their openings. They’re a key part of furniture that keeps things organized and easy to access.

Runners are wood or metal and move back and forth on guides, usually strips of wood that run across the drawer frame. drawer runners that are missing or split are the cause of many sagging drawers, and they can damage the frame.

HGTV’s Henry Harrison shows us how to replace a worn out runner using a simple, high-performance construction adhesive. This method can also help you fix a split drawer front.

Soft Close

If you are looking for an upgrade that will keep your drawers close and quiet, soft-close drawer slides are a great option. They are a bit more expensive than self-closing options, but they are well worth it.

These drawer slides feature a spring that quickly pulls the drawer closed, which keeps it from slamming shut. They also have a damper mechanism that helps prevent the drawer from getting too hot or cold.

The slides themselves are easy to install and are a good choice for those looking to update their cabinetry with modern innovation.

They are also a popular option for wardrobes and side tables, as they are a good way to ensure that delicate items are not moved around. This can be especially useful in a bedroom, where it is important to keep everything quiet and neat.


One of the most important components of drawer runners are the bumpers. They protect your valuables from damage and make drawer opening and closing more efficient.

Often, a rear stop tab is formed by bending a central portion of the web up into the channel defined by the stationary member in the slide. In the usual design, a rubber bumper is force fitted over the thestarsfact tab.

In the present invention, a central slot extending through the bumper is designed so that the tab can fit into the slot and the bumper can slide on the slot when not engaged by the inner slide member. This reduces the wear and tear normally experienced by a prior art force fitted bumper and significantly extends the life of the bumper.

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