Unconventional Career Objectives For Newcomers To Incorporate In The Resume

Incorporating career objectives in a resume can be quite precarious. With thousands of options, diving around choosing one can be a difficult job. Keep in mind that most recruiting panels focus on the career objective of a person because it can explain a lot about the applying candidate. Due to the lack of experience, employers try to analyze and examine your objective to grab a good idea about you as a professional. It not only impels light on your educational skills but also extensively talks about your future goals and achievements.

For that, we have to understand what a career objective is. Career objective briefly summarizes your achievement and overall skill set in your area of expertise. Resume writing in India requires a bit more of this. India being a developing country requires and focuses more on this particular area due to its overgrowing youth and easily accessible education culture. A well-set resume will impress your employers to recruit you more precisely. This will demonstrate your potential and give them an idea about your stature in the said field.

How To Write A Career Objective?

If you are new and confused about what objectives to include in your resume, we are here to help. Below there are a few bullet points to focus on while writing a career objective for your resume.

  • Keep your objective precise and authentic
  • Focus more on relevant information and try not to crowd your resume with too many words
  • Keep making necessary modifications to your objective with every new job you apply for
  • Make sure to fill the space of your resume with your achievements
  • Avoid using the first person in your resume
  • Mention how you will be a valuable asset to the company
  • Make sure to add your acquired certifications apart from your educational ones
  • Mention your career endeavors and goals
  • Highlight your strengths and skills precisely within 100 words.

Examples of career objectives for a fresher:

  • Seeking a career opportunity to put my strengths and skills in proper utilization in accordance with the growth of the organization. Literature enthusiast looking for a similar work field in an innovative and established publishing agency.
  • To attain a challenging job in my dream company to increase my experience in my area of expertise resulting in the growth of the company.
  • A freshly graduated commerce student with precise accounting and management skills to be able to be a valuable asset to the organization.
  • An MBA student with prior experience and knowledge about marketing and analytic skills looking forward to expanding my area of knowledge.
  • Competitive and disciplined seeker looking for a challenging job for extensive brainstorming.
  • Want to explore a new area of creativity and work in an energetic stable organization.

Examples of career objectives for engineers:

  • Seeking a job opportunity as a dedicated engineer to put my engineering knowledge and skills to the betterment of the company.
  • A freshly graduated engineer with a competitive mindset to accept any challenging position at the company to gain experience and knowledge.
  • A highly capable technical software engineer with internship experience for 6 months. In need of the (specify the required position) position.
  • A goal-oriented person with extensive research ability desiring the (specify the required position) position to expand my proficiency and experience.

Examples of career objectives for marketing:

  • A graduate in marketing, looking for a job opportunity to put my acquired skills in work to gain more customers for the company.
  • Desiring the role of a Manager in Sales in your dynamic enterprise to provide sales support and information to the company without fail.

Examples of career objectives for the Medical profession:

  • Seeking a full-time job as a nurse in a hospital or healthcare clinic with flexible day and night shifts without complaint.
  • Freshly graduated doctor with internship experience in (specify the hospital name) Hospital for 6 months seeking a challenging opportunity to serve the patients and increase the reputation of your hospital.

Mention skills that you truthfully possess. Lying is an option but it might land you in trouble and even get you black-listed. Avoid doing that. Only mention your acquired skills that will add value to your resume while applying to the company. Few bullet points to focus provided by resume writing services in India to help seekers out in their time of confusion.

  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Analytic skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Teamwork
  • Adjustability

You can also add your volunteering experiences. That will earn you extra credits because companies at hand want to expand their business by inclining toward social service and organizations. This will make you a valuable asset to the company because with the area of expertise in the said profession you can also be a helping hand to your company’s future endeavors.

Coming to the precision part, the question is what to add to your resume as a fresher.

  • Education: Mention your education in detail but keep it straightforward.
  • Internship Programs: Mention your internship experiences. Do not forget to specify you’re the company you worked for.
  • Skills: This is a very important part. Remember that you are a fresher so this category should be the most attractive part of your resume. Add the unique skills you acquired during your academic career.


From millions of objectives to choose from, your precision on one will create a lasting impact on your executives. It should be precise, skilled, and focused, not a theory or essay. Resume writing services in India mostly focus on that. They make sure to put your objectives accurately keeping in mind that you are new to a professional field.

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