There are a few reasons why I love to make ketogenic comfort foods

Food marketing to my kids I’m competing against a multitrillion-dollar food industry that markets products filled with dyes, chemicals, and sugar to children. Providing cute keno treats keeps my kids happy. I also teach them how certain foods will make them feel good, be super-smart, and run fast! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say … Thanksgiving: I think of pumpkin pie.

Christmas: I think of Christmas cookies and eggnog. Valentine’s Day: Do you think chocolate? Birthdays: Do you think of cake and ice cream? State Fair: This annual event is synonymous with deep-fried cheese curds, corn dogs, and deep-fried Twinkies! They all bring up images of food! Even when our children learn to go on the potty as toddlers, we reward them with food.

Micah always asked for kale chips, but still, food was his reward. I hear all the time from parents who are frustrated when their kids’ Little League team goes out for ice cream after every game. One of my clients sent me a picture of the giant bag of Skittles that her type 1 diabetic second grader was given for scoring 100 percent on her math test! I love to create beautiful food.

I enjoy being in the kitchen on a rainy day. (If it’s nice out, I prefer to be outside on my bicycle or kayak!) I’m not one to meditate on a mat with my eyes closed. I like to think of my cooking and baking time as mindful meditation.

Lastly comment

Some healthcare clinics and counselors are using cooking or baking as a therapy tool for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Sounds crazy, right? But cooking soothes stress, builds self-esteem, and helps curb negative self-talk by focusing the mind on following a recipe.

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