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If it were up to Craig, I would make meatloaf cake instead of my Death by Chocolate Cheesecake (here) for birthdays, but I love dessert. Having keto treats at home helps me say no to a slice of cake at a party. If I never let myself have a treat like keto ice cream (I always have some on hand), I wouldn’t be able to say no to sugar-filled treats.

Allowing myself keto indulgences ensures that I never feel deprived. And with the recipes in this book, you will never feel deprived, either! Whether your old favorite comfort foods were sugary desserts or carb-laden bowls of pasta, I’ve got you covered. Enjoy! The key to any healthy diet is eating real, whole foods. When following a ketogenic diet, you’ll want to seek out keto-friendly ingredients and avoid those that aren’t.

On a keto diet, you need lots of healthy fat to burn as fuel. But as important as it is to seek out healthy fats, it’s just as critical to avoid unhealthy fats. Fats with high amounts of saturated fatty acids (SFAs)— such as MCT oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee, tallow, and lard —are best: they are stable and anti-inflammatory, protect against oxidation, and have many other important health benefits.

Organic and grass-fed or pastured sources are always best. On here is a list of the best fats and oils to use, with their SFA and PUFA content (see here for more on PUFAs).

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When you see “keto fat” mentioned in a recipe in this book, know that it’s fine to use any of these fats—just make sure to take into account whether you need it for a hot or a cold use. If you’re not dairy-sensitive, the following are great healthy, keto-friendly dairy fats to include in your diet:

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