Take Advantage of Slashed Dth Set-top Box Prices!

Our living rooms just cannot do without a TV. Along with the TV, it is equally important that you go for the perfect DTH set-top box. Otherwise, getting the highest-spec TV does not really make a lot of sense.

Thankfully, you can now take advantage of the price slash in DTH set-top boxes! If you were looking to upgrade your DTH connection and wanted some of the best DTH boxes out there, then we have something for you to choose from.

Additional features to look for in your DTH set-top box

the price of your DTH set-top box is one of the most crucial things. Yet, it is not the only factor that should make you decide. Instead, you must choose a set-top box that has all the right features in place. Here are some of the features that you should expect from a good set-top box:

  1. Plenty of channels and channel packs that are priced evenly.
  2. A good selection of channels that are available in HD and SD.
  3. Channel packs should also support regional languages.
  4. Features such as record & play should be standard.
  5. HD video and audio quality so that you can experience watching your TV in the best way possible.

If you make sure that your new set-top box has all these features as mentioned above, then you are getting a good deal. But if you are someone who does not wish to put the hours behind a DTH set-top box and want an easy solution, then go the Airtel way.

Why should I go for Airtel set-top boxes?

One of the biggest reasons for choosing Airtel set-top boxes is trust. We all know that Airtel is one of the most trusted and loved brands in India. The company brings the same promise to its line of set-top boxes. However, there are plenty of features and the Airtel set-top box price is right too, which would make you love your TV in no time.

The DTH HD set-top box @ just ₹900

The regular HD set-top box from Airtel comes at just ₹900 and the installation charge is free. Therefore, if you want to go for one of the very best HD set-top boxes currently out there, then look no further than this.

The Xstream Android box @ just ₹1,500

Now, if you are looking for a complete smart TV experience but are still not completely sold on the idea of a new smart TV, the Airtel Xstream Android box is for you. It has all the features and gizmos that you could expect – Google Assistant, runs on Android TV OS, built-in Google Chromecast, and a lot more.

If you have always wanted a smart TV but the cost of these new TVs priced you out, then getting an Android box is a no-brainer. All you have to do is plug your Android set-top box into the TV and play. At just ₹1,500, it really is a great deal.

So, don’t wait anymore and get your favourite Airtel set-top box right away!

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