Pursue a Degree from the Top Architecture Colleges in Raipur

Architecture is one of the most vast and sought-after degrees in India. The career scope for Bachelor of Architecture graduates in India is tremendous with the growing construction sector. A qualified B.Arch. graduate has the option to choose the line of work from different areas ranging from consultants to architectural designers. It is a five-year undergraduate degree course that students from any stream can apply to. The best Architecture College in Chhattisgarh provide the best for their students through modern technology, education, experience, faculty, and infrastructure. Amity School of Architecture and Planning at Amity University Raipur offers the best possible treatment to their students.

B.Arch. Degree

Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate degree in the broad field of architecture. It is a five-year full-time undergraduate degree program. It is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge for students to learn the art of mapping, planning, constructing, and designing physical structures of various kinds. It has lots of potential in terms of development. This degree is designed in such a way that it completes and rewards the educational component of professional certifying bodies. There are various career prospects to pursue after completing this course. It is offered at the top architecture colleges in Raipur. A qualified architect is tangled at every single stage of any construction project. Architects need to have a good rational and artistic mind along with great problem-solving abilities. A career in architecture is an attractive and lucrative path for those who want to pursue it.


Every university has different criteria for the eligibility of any degree. To study a full-time B.Arch. program, candidates must fulfill the eligibility requirements given by their desired university. Eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Architecture are that the candidate should be a 12th standard graduate with PCM or 10+3 diploma examination with math and the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) qualified score. It is a five-year undergraduate program offered at the best Architecture College in Chhattisgarh require the tests mentioned above and they should be recognized by state governments.


Every Degree has its uniqueness, B.Arch. has its subjects too. It includes Allied courses, Core courses, and communication skills. Some of the core courses are an architectural design studio, architectural graphics, history of architecture, building construction, etc. Allied courses are a few but they’re just as important and they include surveying, climate-responsive architecture, architectural computer applications, and theory of structures. Students can have a few elective courses which include foreign business language, outdoor activity-based courses.

Jobs prospects

Architecture is a field that has a wide range of Opportunities regarding their jobs. Students can apply to their dream jobs if they are qualified enough. There are a few job profiles that students can apply to after completing their B.Arch. program at the top architecture colleges in Raipur. Project architect, principal architect, assistant professor, senior project architect, architecture designer, interior designer, senior interior designer, project manager, interior architect, senior principal architect, design manager, urban planner, landscape architect, design architect, and many more. These are some of the many job profiles that are available to students who have graduated with their Bachelor of Architecture degrees.

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