IELTS Essay Writing Task: How to Get a Better Score


Knowing what the question is is the first step in addressing a problem. It is vital that all of the issues raised in this inquiry be addressed. When looking at a question, consider if it is an argument, an opinion, a solution to the problem, or any combination of these. Focus on the essay’s most essential words and phrases to learn what the examiner is searching for. Because of this, you may expect a score of no higher than band 5. If you are looking for homework help, we can help you out.

Organize Your Thoughts into a Plan

Make a list of possible topics before you begin writing. Using a piece of paper, write down as many distinct perspectives as you can. In order to perform better on an exam, the test-taker must prepare and organise their ideas in a suitable paraphrase manner. Your writing will be more efficient and precise since you’ll already have an idea of what the essay should be about.

Take the time to familiarise yourself with a wide range of topics.

There are a number of writing practise tests offered by IELTS tutorials, an IELTS training institution, to assist students familiarise themselves with the test’s structure and sample questions. Creative thinking may be aided by expanding your vocabulary. By reading the newspaper on a regular basis, you may improve your vocabulary and remain up to date on local news. IELTS is not for those who have no prior knowledge of the English language. If you respond to the question in a logical way with multiple examples, your post will be stronger.

Think about what you’re thinking about

Why/what/where/who/how inquiries should be asked when reading an essay’s topic. Asking yourself these questions can help you focus your thoughts and generate more creative solutions.

Make a Decision Based on Your Own Opinion.

In order to add value to an essay, you should express your views and emotions. Assume the essay’s topic is a question posed to you by a friend, and compose your essay to reflect your thoughts on the issue. Make your writing stand out by including relevant examples and amy earnhardt picuki.

Keep in mind that if you take your time and thoroughly research the essay topic, the IELTS Writing task won’t be a significant difficulty.

Take control of your time.

Since the test is timed, you have 40 minutes to complete the IELTS Essay Writing task. Because of this, you should practise time management skills before to your IELTS exam.

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