Why choose car tyres from Maxxis Australia

If your tyres have become worn, or old, it is time to purchase new tyres. Probably you are uncertain which tyres you should obtain? With so many tyre options offered, it can be simple to become overwhelmed.

When acquiring new tyres, it is very important to ensure that the tyres you pick are well matched to the make and model of your car.

What factors should you consider?

 Know your tyre size

Do you understand what size tyres you need to purchase? Finding this info is a good beginning point, as well as analyzing the available tyre alternatives that will be an ideal match your car.

All tyres include a code system moulded into their sidewall. This code is a series of numbers and also letters, which represents details regarding the physical tyre dimensions, as well as information like:

  • The technical abilities of the tyre
  • Construction of the tyre
  • Carrying weight
  • Tyre profile

In addition to checking out the code molded into the tyre sidewall, you can check the necessary info regarding your vehicle supplier’s suggested tyre size in the proprietor’s handbook or typically situated in the vehicle’s door jamb.

Another great recommendation if you are totally lost in selecting the correct tyre, is to talk to your local tyre dealer. Reputable Australian tyre retailers know tyre ranges provided by a number of manufactures, and a common one they speak highly of is Maxxis Australia.

Consider your desired usage

The type of driving that you do is a major factor in tyre selection. For example, if you own on 4×4 vehicle, chances are that you will use this mainly on the road, but you may also want to venture off-road at times. In this case you need to consider a tyre that can perform well on a range of different road types. Choosing a really course off-road tread pattern is likely to be noisy while on freeways and not economical on fuel usage. Whereas choosing a tyre that performs great while on bitumen roads may tend to slip due on gravel roads or the beach. Again, an experienced tyre retailer can steer you in the right direction, with Maxxis Australia having a large selection of multi-purpose tyres available to suit almost all 4×4 vehicles.

Choose top quality tires for long-term value

It can be tempting to pick the most affordable tyres when looking at upfront costs, but will they be the best value tyre over the long-term. This is especially the situation at times when getting new tyres occurs unexpectedly, as often many customers just want to get back on the road as soon as possible. However, when you buy top quality tyres, like those provided by Maxxis Australia, you are most likely acquiring better value for money over the long term. Maxxis tyres offer quality, efficiency, integrity and with a focus on safety.

For a high-quality tyre that you can trust, speak to your regional tyre dealer to discover which Maxxis tyres might be available for your vehicle.

Maxxis tyres mean dependability as well as performance and safety

Whether you are looking to buy new tyres for your vehicle, where it be a 4×4, SUV, light truck, all-wheel drive, or high-performance sports car – there is a Maxxis tyre to suit your needs. Locating an experience tyre dealer is crucial in ensuring that you get the most appropriate tyre for your vehicle and vehicle usage. You can visit the Maxxis Australia website for a list of our dealers who will ensure that you get the best out of your tyres and driving experience.

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