How to Make Sure Your Outdoor Apparels and Gears are Properly Maintained

Making sure your outdoor gear and apparels are in good shape seems to be a big deal in this consumer-driven society. If you lost your tent, you could buy a new one; if you tear your hiking outfit, you can replace it.

However, preserving and treasuring all your outdoor outfits is the solution to constantly buying new ones. Learning how to make your outdoor apparel last longer and in good condition is one of the best and simple cost-effective ways of spending less time in the store and more time out there.

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Below are some tips for making sure your outdoor gear and apparels are properly stored, maintained and used to offer maximum output to your activities.

Reason for taking care of your outdoor gears

Saves money

Good maintenance habits will save you a lot of money you could have used in buying new gear. It is not a must to buy new waterproof trousers if they have a tear or hole. Most outdoor apparels are designed to last longer; hence you should ensure it does. Properly store your gear to avoid the need for replacement: saves money.

Makes your apparels and gears last longer

Your camping outfit will offer you great and long service if it is well taken care of. Thinks of the sentimental value your gear might bring after 4 or 5 years to come. Compared to the new stuff you will buy, you will be grateful for your older gear that came through during your many outdoor activities.

5. Tips for properly maintaining your outdoor gear and apparels

1. Wash and clean your gear

You can start by keeping your outdoor apparels and clothing nice by regularly washing them.

You need to wash even items that might seem hard to wash, like waterproof jackets.

Keeping your gear and apparel clean is one of the most overlooked pieces of advice. It is the best way of maintaining gears and making them last longer, especially expensive ones. Good maintenance practice will save you from spending dollars buying a new camping outfit.

2. Re-waterproofing your gear

After much washing of your waterproof outfit, the waterproof coating might start to reduce. It may not happen too soon, but it is important to invest in waterproof coating products to re-apply the coat for proper maintenance.

This is very important to your waterproof boots. You need to ensure your boots are in good condition, similar to your waterproof outfit, to make them last longer. Start by removing the debris and dirt on the boots and spraying a waterproof layer. Re-waterproofing your gears and apparel is very easy “do it yourself” activity and can make your apparel last longer.

3. Remove or Disconnect batteries

To ensure your electronics are running better and for a long time, remove batteries if not in use to avoid draining the charge or leaking. There are cases of batteries leaking from headlamps, and it is not good. Therefore, remove and store your batteries in a dry, cool place.

4. Have a professional when repairing your outdoor gears

If you damage your hiking outfit, you might not have the skills to make repairs. Therefore, you need a professional who can offer repair services. Many companies and experienced professionals can help you with any repair of outdoor gear.

For example, you can call the company that made your waterproof jackets to fix the zipper when stuck or if the sleeping pad is damaged, you can call the manufacturer to fix the valves.

5. Proper cleaning and storage of your tent

Take some time off your adventure and care your hiking or camping gears that maintain the warmth while you are out there. The tent is one of the most important pieces of gear to provide dryness and warmth when in the elements.

Set your tent in a dry place and allow the moisture to dry after your trip. Also, you can brush off debris and dirt and clean with water where needed. You should check for holes and tear for repair purposes.

In a nutshell

Taking care of your gear and setting up a proper storage place is essential to prepare you for the next outdoor adventure. It might be hard, but making sure your outdoor apparel and gears are properly maintained will save you from unnecessary costs when buying new ones. For long-lasting services, care for your gears!

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