EdbMails OST to PST Converter: Best solution for orphaned OST files


The OST file format is used by Outlook to store a synchronized copy of mailbox items on a user’s computer. By default, the file is encrypted with the MAPIEntryID GUID, making it impossible to open without the permission of an associated MAPI profile. The OST file becomes inaccessible if the user’s profile has been corrupted or erased from the mailbox server online. Additionally, the OST file may become inaccessible as a result of a system breakdown, an unexpected Outlook shutdown, an infection with malware or a virus, or simply because it is too huge.

If your OST files have become inaccessible, you’ll need an Exchange OST to PST tool like EdbMails to convert them into a usable and portable PST format.

EdbMails OST to PST converter Overview

EdbMails OST to PST converter is an easy-to-use software for converting Outlook OST files written by any Outlook version to PST format with 100 percent integrity, and is recommended by MVPs and IT administrators worldwide.

You can use EdbMails converter to convert orphaned and inaccessible Outlook OST files to PST. OST files can be recovered, backed up, and migrated to a live Exchange server and  Office 365 account with the use of this software. In addition, OST emails can be saved in EML, MHT and HTML formats for quick viewing.

In order to fix frequent Outlook and OST file-related errors, such as the send/receive error, you can use this software to extract and convert mailbox items from an OST file into an Outlook PST. Using it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. You will need a specialized OST to PST converter if you can’t access Outlook and don’t have a prior backup of your mailboxes. It’s also useful when you can’t utilize Outlook Import Export Wizard to view or export the mailbox data.

EdbMails OST to PST utility can be used to recover mail that has been accidentally deleted or lost. Recovering deleted mailbox items on an Exchange server can also be done with this tool.

Furthermore, it does not necessitate the installation of any additional software or permissions. To import OST files into a live Exchange server or Office 365 account, you only need the administrator credentials of the destination mailbox or user account.

Pricing and Feature Highlights

EdbMails OST recovery and migration licensing model includes three editions: Personal, Corporate Premium, and Technical.

The Personal edition is appropriate for individuals, small businesses, governments, and educational institutions with a limited number of computer installations (Max 2 computers). The Corporate Edition is intended for Small and Medium businesses, large Government agencies, and Educational institutions. This is an upgraded Personal edition that includes OST to Office 365 migration as well as Exchange migration, with no restrictions on the number of installations. The Technical edition is intended mainly for businesses involved in data recovery, computer repair, and maintenance. The license can also be used to provide data extraction services to their customers.

All the editions are available for free download. You can recover and preview as many OST files as you like with the ‘Free Trial’ version.

You can select the edition that best meets your needs after evaluating the product. The Personal, Corporate and Technician editions are available for $39 and $89 and $129 respectively.

Highlights of EdbMails OST to PST converter features

  • Allows you to convert OST to PST without a maximum file size limit
  • Recover and convert unlimited OST files to PSTs
  • Inaccessible or orphaned OST files can be recovered and exported to PST files.
  • Encrypted OST files are supported.
  • Previews OST mailbox items before converting a variety of file formats, including PST, EML, MHT and HTML.
  • Advanced filter capabilities for specific mail item conversion
  • OST files from different Outlook such as 2000 to 2019 are supported.
  • Transform OST mailbox items directly into live Exchange server and Office 365 mailboxes
  • Large OST files can be split into PSTs of smaller chunks.

The System Requirements

In terms of performance, EdbMails Converter for OST is an excellent choice. If your computer fulfills the following system requirements, you can install the software.

Processor : 1 GHz Quad core Processor is the bare minimum.

Memory : 512 MB minimum RAM and 4 GB recommended

Hard Drive Space Requirements : Installing the software requires at least 20 megabytes of free disk space.

Operating System Requirements : EdbMails installs on all OS right from Windows 7 to 11, Windows server 2008, 2008 R2, 2016, 2019 and 2022.

EdbMails Installation and  OST to PST conversion

One of the reasons we like EdbMails is that it is easy to use without sacrificing functionality, which is uncommon in IT solutions. When compared to other programmes, there is always a trade-off between complexity and functionality, which EdbMails does a good job of addressing. (Easy to use with a lot of options without sacrificing either).

You might need some assistance getting started, or you might just want to brush up on the basics before adding it to your IT toolset. Meanwhile, we’ll put the main OST to PST conversion method to the test.

Step 1: Install the software and perform the recovery test

Installing the software is the first step. Because the software is lightweight, this will just take a few seconds to install and launch. You have two options: Use the free trial software or purchase the product and login using a licenced email address. There is no license or serial activation key for EdbMails (The license plan is linked to your email address you use during the purchase). As a result, you can use the software right away after purchasing it.

Step 2: Select the OST to PST conversion option

Select the ‘OST to PST, OST to Office 365, OST to Exchange’ option from the drop-down menu once the software has been launched. Begin the recovery process by looking for the file and going through it. We were able to access a big OST file of hundreds of GB in minutes in our test scenario.

Step 3: OST to PST conversion operation

You can preview all the OST mailbox items once the recovery process completes. There are three panels in the software. In the left-hand column of the software, you’ll find a detailed tree menu. Individual mails or objects in various folders are displayed in the middle pane. In the bottom pane, you can read and view the contents in real time, just like in Outlook. The folders are in the same order as they were in the original OST file. EdbMails uses granular recovery to recover all of the contents without losing any data. The email content can be saved in HTML, PST, EML, or MHT formats.

OST to Office 365 / live Exchange migration right at your fingertips

EdbMails is the appropriate answer for you if you’re wanting to move to the cloud. It can also transfer the contents of your OST file to a cloud-based Office 365 or live Exchange server, saving time for enterprises that need to get their data into their newly created accounts quickly. This is also another benefit of the software’s adaptability.

Free 24/7 Tech Support and a Free live demonstration

When it comes to converting an OST file to a PST file, EdbMails tops the charts. We’ve also saved the best for last. This software offers free expert technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a free live software demonstration upon request. If you have any questions or need advice on how to proceed with your conversion procedure, you can contact them at any time using the live chat window. Furthermore, the software was discovered to be more cost-effective than the majority of competitors. Given all of this, we give it a perfect 5 star rating for overall quality

Final lines

OST to PST conversion using EdbMails Converter is simple and straightforward. It can be used to swiftly convert single or numerous OST files into Outlook-supported PST files, including orphaned or inaccessible OSTs. It’s an outstanding utility for both IT pros and home users who want to save time and money on their projects, which is something we can all agree on. Furthermore, if you are looking for an Office 365 migration software that will allow you to directly export OST files to the cloud, EdbMails is the way to go because it has everything bundled in one. The Corporate and Technical Editions of OST, which also support Multi-PC installations, allow for direct migrations or imports into Office 365 or a live Exchange server.

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