Stockton truck accident: You need to lawyer up!

Commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are huge and take longer to stop. Such vehicles can be commonly seen on California roads. If you end up injured in a commercial truck accident in Stockton, you should consider seeking legal help at the earliest. California’s statute of limitations allows just two years to file a lawsuit after an auto accident, and therefore, you have to take legal action in time. Working with a Stockton truck accident attorney can benefit your case in many ways, and below is an overview of why lawyering up is so critical. 

Trucking cases are different

That’s one thing that many people do not understand. In an accident that involves two passenger cars, there is usually one driver at fault. However, the at-fault party in a truck accident case can be different. The defendant in your case could be the trucker for sure, but it could also be the trucking company. Other liable parties include the vehicle manufacturer, subcontractor involved in the maintenance of the vehicle, the loading company, or even the repair service. Because it is so difficult to investigate and find fault in a truck accident, you have to get a lawyer to protect your rights. 

Dealing with insurance companies won’t be easy

Insurance companies rarely have compassion or concern for truck accident victims. You would expect them to offer a fair settlement, but they will try to evade liability. Claims adjusters often try hard to make the claimant make an incriminating statement, which would go against their claim. They may misinterpret what you say and offer a settlement immediately to settle the claim for as little as possible. If you hire a local truck accident attorney, they will deal with the insurance company directly so that you don’t end up making an error. 

You don’t need to pay right away

The good news is most truck accident attorneys and law firms in Stockton work on a contingency fee. The lawyer gets a fee when you win a settlement from the defendant or their insurance company. You have no reason to fight the legal battle on your own. While most truck accident cases are settled outside of court in California, some lawsuits need a trial. If that happens, you will have a lawyer to represent you and present facts in court. 

Don’t shy away from meeting a truck accident attorney in person to discuss your case, and do ask about the expected settlement. 

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