Christmas and New Year sale FAQ

  1. What is the Christmas and New Year sale?
  2. Christmas and New Year is the opportunity to save money and get qualitative, market-price-competitive website hosting.
  3. What are the dates of this event?
  4. All of the last week of December to the first entire week of January.
  5. Which components take part in the discount program?
  6. These are mostly Intel CPUs of the past years. Although the manufacturer discontinued their production, the processors are still competitive. We put them on discount because they’re aged but still working. Visit the low cost dedicated server list to find it.
  7. Are there any limits for servers purchased on sale?
  8. Yes, but they concern the configuration features. You can use only the volume noted in the specification list. That means if you order the server with 16 GB RAM – you can use this volume without chances to add the modules. These limits don’t cover IP addresses and channel bandwidth.
  9. I’m a fan of digital currencies. Can I pay in crypto for sale products?
  10. Yes, we accept cryptocurrencies. All assortment is available for fans of 70+ cryptocurrencies, including the sales. Feel free to inquire if your currency is absent from the list.
  11. What are your promises to the discount clients?
  12. Our clients working on the discount server will get the same benefits the regular plans provide. Kindly support a 24/7, high-speed network from continent to continent. DDoS is also available. We trust our customers. We hope it’s mutual. No other limits are expected of you.
  13. My website was concerned about DMCA complaints. Can I migrate it to your server or find someone else? NB: my website is the movie fan society, and we use copyrighted content. We have all permissions and use links, but…
  14. Your case is typical for thousands of market players. Fortunately, 7 countries are ignoring the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. VSYS Host cooperates with data centers in the Netherlands. This country values human rights; thus, it will never accept this act.

However, the permission to publish illegal content isn’t absolute. You can’t post the Dutch audiovisual production on Netherlands dedicated servers offshore because local companies may claim the deletion. And the providers must react to it. The support team is intolerant of children’s pornography, violent propaganda, plus many more prohibited things.

  1. I want to remain anonymous. Is it possible?
  2. Yes. As we noticed earlier, the Netherlands, like some other countries in the world, highlights human rights. Any person can remain anonymous if they want. We don’t require a personal ID or credit card number. Even more, you will benefit from anonymity because nobody disturbs you concerning the spam.

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