Antique Engagement Rings – A Growing Trend!

Antique-style engagement and wedding rings are trending for a decade now and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading in near future. The nostalgia of the past seems to be occupying the minds of many Americans making vintage rings the first preference. Jewelry designers take into account the designs of the bygone era and make a creatively imagined new concept ring that reflects the look and feel of antiquity.

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Why Antique Rings are Trending?

We all know that antique engagement rings and antique wedding rings are a growing trend. But, why so? Why are the jewelry makers creating ring designs reflecting different phases from the bygone era?

According to the experts in the field, modern women choose to stand out rather than blend in. They want everything from their dresses and accessories to jewelry to reflect their personality rather than making a statement about their status. Digging into the designs of the past, each woman can get a design that reflects her individuality. A bold woman can make a statement about her bold personality with an engagement ring with a big and bold colored gemstone rather than blending in with a diamond ring. A woman who is more in touch with her feminine side can reflect her personality with a feminine filigree-style antique engagement ring.

Different types and designs of rings were popular during different eras of the past. Looking back we can find designs suiting all types of unique personalities. Jewelry makers can also mix and match different styles to create a perfect match for the unique personality of the wearer. However, some designs from the past are more popular than others.

The Top 5 Antique Engagement Ring Trends

The recent trend in the American jewelry sector shows that more and more couples are going vintage when it comes to engagements or weddings. If you too are planning your special day, this quick guide will help you pick the trendy antique engagement ring and wedding ring for adding a shine to your loving relationship.

Halo or Cluster Rings

The Edwardian Era inspires the Halo or Cluster-styled antique engagement rings. This flower-like style of rings originated due to the love of flowers of Queen Alexandra. The ring has a big diamond in the middle surrounded by several mini diamonds giving it the look of a flower. The halo or cluster diamond rings have a delicate feminine feel making it the best-suited style for women who take pride in their feminine qualities. The band style of the ring can be created to match the uniqueness of the wearer’s personality.

Three Stone Rings

People with classic taste who like to keep things simple but impactful are gravitating towards the ‘three stone rings’. The style witnessed a resurgence since Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markel with one of the most classy three-stone rings. The three-stone ring makes the perfect antique wedding ring due to the meaning attached to it traditionally. The three stones in the ring represent the past, present, and future of the couple with the emphasis being on the present. The middle stone represents the present and is the biggest stone. The two other stones on each side representing the past and future are comparatively smaller.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Another antique ring that has witnessed a resurgence in the past few years is the Art Deco rings. Also called the ‘milgrain’ rings, these are intricately designed rings. The design dates back to the century although it didn’t get its name until the 20th century. In today’s modern time, the design is gaining popularity as it can add an antique feel to the jewelry of any age. The design is very commonly used in fusion with many modern and vintage jewelry designs.

Rose Cut Diamond Rings

Rose-cut diamond rings are a classic choice for engagement and wedding rings as roses are the classic floral choice for a bridal bouquet. A rose-cut diamond is a diamond with a flat base and a domed top with 24 facets. This diamond forms the centerpiece of the ring with several mini triangle diamonds arranged in a rose-like pattern around it. These antique rings have been around as a popular choice for hundreds of years and are still in trend for their classic design and affordability.

Colored Gemstones

Another very popular antique ring style trending recently is the use of colored gemstones. While diamonds are and will always be the most popular choice in the kingdom of rings, colored gemstones are also making their presence felt in the market. If you are someone who likes to be a little different from than people around you, this trend is worth following. Move over diamonds and pick a colored gemstone like sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, etc. Traditionally, every gemstone has a certain symbolic meaning.

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