8 Reasons Why You Need PPC Agency

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is an essential part of any strong digital marketing campaign. This method of paying to get onto Google’s platform in ideal places for people ready to take action, is great for businesses of all sizes. Engaging in PPC services is daunting with so many PPC agencies to pick from, and a bunch of different methods to consider. Today, let’s talk about why you might need PPC services and how these agencies are going to be valuable to your business.

1. To save you time

Straight off the bat, time is your most precious resource, and while you can spend time investing into your knowledge of Google Ads management, keyword research and SEO techniques, hiring an expert will undoubtedly be one of the best ways to get things started for you. It’s important to remember that a PPC agency has a bunch of experts that have studied and learnt all there is to know about setting up PPC campaigns, they know the ins and outs of things that work from industry to industry, and can bring that knowledge and expertise to your business. Getting a team to do the set up and explain how they do what they do. Learning through osmosis is great for a new business owner, as they can focus on building their already strong skills and have a no pressure learning curve to their PPC campaigns.

2. To get you results early on

Beginning PPC services early on with an agency is about making sure you’re doing the right things straight away. If you have a goal in mind but don’t have the know-how to get there just yet, a PPC agency will be a big help to getting you converting quickly. The benefits here involve you learning along the way, and seeing what kinds of results professionals are after and how quickly these results come in. Having experts to talk to though is always a plus, as they can provide you with tips and tricks to maximise your own ad successes either down the road, or in conversation with you.

3. Be as involved as you like

One of the best things about outsourcing you PPC services is that you can choose to be as involved as you like. The benefit here is that maybe some months you have been too busy to check in on your campaign, your business is hitting the ground running, and you’re on your feet day after day. One of the best things about a PPC agency is that they will help you in the busier months by making sure that your campaign is going well. So long as your agency provides you with reports and an account manager, you can rest easy knowing that the campaign is going well, and if it isn’t they’re onto making changes for you.

4. Save money

PPC services can be quite cost effective, but the catch is, you have to know what you’re doing with your ads to get the best results. Hiring an expert early on shows you what to avoid. They will have knowledge surrounding how certain keywords work, or don’t work for your industry, and if you really want an ad to run, they can provide that marketing touch to your campaign to get you an ad that you want that gets results. The alternative is hiring an in-house digital marketer which involves salaries, benefits, and getting them set up, hiring an agency it will just involve the one cost.

5. They focus on the right PPC Channels

Every PPC agency Melbourne is different, some are social media masters, while some are better at getting shopping results, while some will have your search ads singing. Whatever the service you are after, a PPC agency will have the expertise. There are typically no wrong marketing channels, but they do matter when you consider your specific goals. With that in mind, having a strong goal that can be achieved with specific tools like Google Ads or Social Media ads, is going to be a big help in which PPC agency you end up going with.

6. Great keyword research

Professional PPC services will have a really good way of producing keyword research. This research is something that helps a campaign a huge amount, as targeting effective and less competitive keywords can be a great advantage for your business. Especially non-competitive keywords that are getting lots of traffic. It’s important that the keywords that are being used will be ones that have a high conversion rate. Usually, most PPC agencies don’t disclose their process, but if you are curious, you’re always welcome to ask what kinds of keywords you’ll focus on, the keyword research tools the agency might us, and the metrics that they determine to be important for good performance. Asking these questions gives you a good indication of their process and also helps you understand what can be expected of your campaign.

7. They understand that there is more than one tool to be sharpened

One of the biggest benefits of reaching out to a digital marketing agency for PPC services, is that they don’t usually take an approach that only focuses on one thing. Usually, PPC agencies are well versed across a number of marketing techniques and can offer recommendations to strengthen your ads, by offering CRO (conversion rate optimisation) tips for your landing pages, and website. They offer guidance on some things you can do on location to get you more google reviews. Always ask your PPC agency for a holistic view on how your campaign can be utilised to its fullest capacity.

8. Mobile is in their minds

Mobile devices make up over 50% of clicks on search ads, and the era of designing your ads for desktop first have now ceased. It is more important, now more than ever, to be able to understand how to optimise your ads and PPC campaigns for devices of all sizes, especially mobile. This can be tricky as the world of search and social algorithms change so frequently. It is very important that your PPC agency is on top of this aspect of their PPC services.

Overall, the biggest reason to go with a PPC agency is to guarantee yourself some great early learnings, or to give yourself a strong boost to your business. Doing so will increase your conversions, your knowledge and your online confidence.

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