MoissaniteCo offers stunning Moissanite rings that will make the perfect addition to your new jewelry trends collection. Because Moissanite has properties that no other jewel can match, adding some to your collection today makes sense! You’ll learn why that is in this article, so read on!

  • They Are Almost Indistinguishable From Diamonds

A moissanite ring has a similar hardness and brilliance as a diamond, which means it will hold up just as well. Its luster can sometimes be even greater than that of a diamond! It’s also important to note that Moissanite is designed for everyday wear; they’re tougher than most other precious stones (including diamonds), so you won’t have to worry about accidental scratches or chipping.

  • They Don’t Discolor Over Time

Unlike most gemstones, Moissanite does not change color when exposed to natural lighting. When exposed to ultraviolet light, it does not develop a pink or yellow tint. This means that your jewelry will retain its original vibrant color over time. Whether it’s years down the road or tomorrow morning, you can be confident that your moissanite engagement ring and jewelry pieces will look beautiful and new.

  • They Are More Affordable Than Diamonds

As much as we like diamonds, they’re not within everyone’s budget. And when you compare them side-by-side, Moissanite is a better deal. According to some calculations, Moissanite can be 30 percent cheaper than a diamond of equal size and quality! Their affordability has to do with how they are created. While diamonds are made from carbon that has been compressed over millions of years, Moissanite is lab-created (as opposed to mined) and is, therefore, more affordable.

  • Their Color Can Vary from Near Colorless to Light Yellow

Unlike diamonds, Moissanite’s color can vary greatly. Near colorless Moissanite are rarer and sought after, but most consider even a light yellow hue beautiful. And since yellow is one of the top three favorite colors of most women, you can rest assured that your loved one will love her ring—no matter it’s color!

  • They Come in Beautiful Colors, Including Pink and Green

Unlike diamonds, moissanite stones are available in a variety of brilliant hues. Green and pink are particularly popular choices, but yellow, blue and white also exist. You can even find green or pink Moissanite that resembles emeralds or rubies in color; red moissanites are often compared to ruby-red garnets. This is one area where Moissanite outshines diamonds – there’s no comparison!

  • They Have Shapes Other Than Round

Other shapes, such as cushion, square, and marquise, are also available. If you prefer a specific shape for your rings, it’s great news for you because there is a moissanite ring available in that shape. Some unusual shapes are hard to find in any other type of jewelry, so if you are looking for something unique that no one else will have, Moissanite may be a good choice.

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