What You Need to Know About Matka Lotteries in India

The Matka lottery; it’s one of those games that the vast majority of people in India will likely know about – but do you actually know how this game is played? If this is something that you have been wondering, we’re here today to give you some more information about how Matka lotteries are played in India and the history of these well-known games.

All You Need to Know About Matka Lotteries in India

Have you ever considered playing a Matka lottery? If you’ve been looking to try one of the game’s more modern varieties (such as the Jhatka Matka India at Lottoland), it’s irrefutable that Matka games are among the most famous forms of Indian lottery games. However, if you have never played a Matka lottery game before, chances are, you may be a little unsure of how these games work.

As such, today, we’ve summarised some of the key things you should know about Matka lotteries and their many different forms, as follows to help you understand how these famous Indian lotteries are played and drawn.

History of Matka Lotteries

First of all, we need to consider the history of Matka lotteries and when they originated. Indeed, Matka lotteries are surprisingly old games that originated during the 1950s, although they have undeniably evolved over the years.

In fact, the Matka game was originally based on the prices of cotton, with players betting to see who was closest to the opening and closing prices for cotton. However, when the New York Cotton Exchange ended in 1961, players tweaked the original purpose of the game and instead began using pieces of paper rather than the cotton value.

How Matka Lotteries are Played

Matka lotteries used to be based on the price of cotton; however, since the dissolution of the New York Cotton Exchange, Matka games switched to online gameplay instead.

Matka games are typically played one-to-one with a dealer, and the dealer shuffles a deck of cards (minus the Jack, Queen, and King) and lays them in a line before you. The player then has to select three cards, and each of these is allocated a value based on the following rules:

  • A 10 card is valued at 0
  • A 1 card is valued at 1
  • Cards between 2 and 9 hold their respective value

Once the cards have been drawn, players will create a pana – a set of three numbers in ascending order of value, such as 1, 2, 3 or 5, 8, 9. A card valued at 0 (10) will always go at the end of the ascending order

Players place a bet before the game opens; thereafter, they can also place a bet before closing. All closing bets must be placed half an hour before the round ends and before bedding commences; for example, most Matka games last for around one to two hours, although this could be slightly variable depending on some facts, and so final bets would be 30 minutes before the deadline.

The value of a pana is determined by adding the values of the pana; if the value goes into double digits, only the number in the units column is taken forwards. For example, for a set of cards reading 10, 4, 7, the value would be 0 + 4 + 7 = 11, and the value taken forwards would be 1.

Matka Lotteries are Now Played Predominantly Online

Physical Matka lotteries are officially illegal in India, following the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Moreover,  as time went by, some unscrupulous players began to notice that they could rig the system to their own ends by selecting the pieces of paper which were most in their favor; as such, this led to some people cheating their way to large winnings.

Following the rise of cheating and game rigging with physical, traditional Matka games, and considering that physical Matka games are illegal, more and more people have been choosing to play their favourite Matka games online instead of playing in person.

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Indeed, as explained by BusinessToday, while physcial Matka games are illegal, it’s fully legal to play Matka games online. Online Matka sites, such as Lottoland, now allow players to bet on the outcomes of a Matka game without the risk of game tampering, thanks to the use of fully automated random number generation software.

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Final Thoughts

Matka lotteries are rapidly becoming more well-known among Indian communities; in fact, for many people, Matka lotteries are a part of their communities and have long been treasured by the people; however, the rise of cheating led to a growing number of people turning to online sites, such as Lottoland, where numbers could be genuinely chosen at random rather than the results being rigged by the number selectors.

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