What Are Some Common Reasons Behind Most Bicycle Accidents? – Oregon

Bicycle accidents are a tragedy. They can be avoided, but most bicyclists do not practice safe riding habits. If you or a family member was a part of something dreadful, call an Oregon accident lawyer to help with the legalities that may have to be dealt with later. 

This article will explain the typical causes of bicycle accidents. Knowing them can reduce your chances of being hit or killed in one.

1. Cycling When Distracted

  All vehicle collisions, including bicycles, are caused by distracted driving. Drivers engaged in texting or making calls on their cell phones are more likely to cause hazardous crashes. Multitasking while driving isn’t a very good idea, it seems.

2. Driving too fast

Speeding extends the time it takes for drivers to stop while reducing the time to make sound judgments on the road. Although high-speed collisions can cause serious (or fatal) injuries, even low-speed collisions can risk cyclists (for example, when a car drives through a residential complex).

3. Lane Changes

Even slight negligence while switching lanes can turn out to be deadly. Accidents on bicycles usually are brought about by vehicles converging into cyclists’ paths without checking whether they are clear.

4. Getting through traffic

The drivers speeding through traffic are unlikely to see cyclists on the road, and they cannot evade crashes since motorists often diverge from traffic lanes onto bike lanes and sidewalks.

5. Driving through a stop sign or a red light

Accidents involving crossovers are often caused by drivers failing to heed traffic signals. The dangers of running a traffic sign are magnified when drivers fail to check for bicycles on the right side.

6. Drinking And driving

When people choose to get high before driving, they put their lives and everyone on the road in danger. The influence of alcohol impairs a person’s judgement and ability to prevent accidents, which is why drunk driving is a significant factor in many cycling accidents. These accidents usually happen between midnight, and 6 am.

Over the past 50 years, cycling has become increasingly popular, with about 36 million people in Oregon and the U.S. alone participating. In the United States, approximately 700 bicycle-related injuries are reported every day, resulting in over 500 deaths. Regardless, to claim compensation, you must first ascertain the cause of the accident, which requires contacting legal counsel as early as possible to undertake an investigation.

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