Ways to Accumulate PIX on Planet IX

The trading and strategy blockchain game with play to earn mechanics, Planet IX, is one that eased into the gaming world, attracting the interest of many players all over the world at each stage. Planet IX is a game of strategic planning and trade of NFTs and with a major goal of developing your own territory on the game interface.

As it is not your regular virtual world building game, Planet IX is here to stay as you get the access to features that a lot of regular games don’t let you have. As the main aim of the game is to build your own territory, there are in-game assets that make this possible.

The major in-game asset that belongs solely to the Planet IX game and its interface is the PIX. A PIX is a 10m by 10m hexagonally shaped piece of land specific to the game. Each PIX is a representation of a geographical location on the game’s interface. These PIX form the game view, which is a digital grid layer that’s geographically linked.

Each PIX is an NFT, making it tradeable and with a play-to-earn feature on the game’s interface. As there are 1.6 million PIXs in the game, there are individual IDs for each of them, hence the NFT feature. As a result, each player gets to decide what to do with their PIX.

These PIX are divided into different tiers and classifications. This is dependent on the location and rarity of the PIX. There are five tiers of PIX, and they are Legendary (which has the smallest amount of PIX), Rare, Uncommon, Common (which has the most significant number of PIX) and Outlier. At the same time, there are nine further classifications of these PIX grouped into Tiers. These classifications are made with features that distinguish the PIX properties from each other. These classifications include Capital city centre, Capital city, Metropolitan, Natural reserve, Coastal Line, Suburban, Countryside, Arctic, and Desert.

As the aim of the game is to collect PIXs and build a PIX territory as large as you can, you might be wondering how you can accumulate these PIXs. In this article, you will learn the ways you can accumulate PIX on the Planet IX game.

  • Purchasing Pack Drops: In the Planet IX game, the major way to collect PIX is by purchasing PIX during the pack drops. These pack drops happen weekly, on Mondays. These pack drops are one of the unique features of Planet IX compared to other digital world building games. This is because these pack drops are filled with randomly selected PIXs. This makes the PIX purchase simply a thing of luck and not money. This prevents the shark player from buying all of the top tier PIXs. These pack drops come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. So, it is up to you to decide whichever size you want to purchase to add to your PIX collection as a player.
  • Buying from other Players: In Planet IX, one of the major characteristics of the game is the trading feature. So, as a player, you can buy PIX that are high in demand, whether you need it or not and then sell them to someone who is willing to pay the price you want. Also, in the random pack drops, another person might find a PIX that you need, so you can purchase from them. This way, both sides get what they want. Luckily, the gaming platform is designed to allow for this trade easily, so there isn’t anything to worry about concerning it. Buying PIX from other players is totally safe and allowed.
  • Exchange with other Players: This is another trading format available for you to accumulate PIX while playing the game. There are times that you might have a particular PIX that another player has been looking for, and that same player might have a PIX that you want. So, you both can exchange the PIXs by transferring them to each other. However, you should note that you aren’t exchanging the properties of the You are exchanging the PIX themselves. This is because these PIX are NFTs, and they aren’t interchangeable.
  • Territory Development: As the aim of Planet IX is to build PIX territories, there are rewards for reaching a particular stage while building your territory. These rewards are incentives paid in the form of PIX pack drops and sales. So, another way for you to accumulate PIXs in the form of rewards is by building bigger territories on the game’s interface. Your PIX collection has to reach each of the four stages of development in order for you to receive these results. The higher the stage, the higher the reward and its value.

Planet IX is a fun and innovative game that a lot of gamers and non-gamers have been waiting patiently (impatiently) for, and now that it’s out, you don’t want to miss out on any of the goodness that is this game. All you have to do is register.

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