Here are the top ten reasons you need a cuvette rack

Hi! This page contains helpful information. Cuvette rack. Immediately! So let me explain why a cuvette rack is essential. I’ve listed eight reasons you need a cuvette rack.

1.A Cuvette Rack makes things more stable.

How much more stable do you believe it to be, a 10 mm cuvette with an unsupported 12.5 mm square cuvette base on your lab bench or a well-supported cuvette rack with an overall dimension of 5 inches by 2.5 inches?
Stability is the most crucial reason to acquire a cuvette rack.

2.Can be used to dry cuvettes

Cuvette racks are practical and allow me to dry my cells after washing. Turning the cells over down will alert your lab that they are clean and ready to be used. This ensures everyone knows the cell state.

3.Cups that are easy to fill

Spending the money is necessary if you want to get the most use out of a cuvette rack. Imagine that you don’t have a rack and that, when you are filling your 10 mm cuvette, you inadvertently knock the lid over. You end up throwing away your sample, and there’s a good chance that your cuvette may break. My viewpoint is shaped by the events that I’ve gone through in relation to this specific circumstance.

4.Won’t damage your glass.

Each cuvette rack is made of polypropylene plastic, which won’t harm your cuvettes. The cuvette  rack only touches the edges and bottom, thus the optical faces are protected. Polypropylene, a cell rack material, is simple to clean.

5.Low cost

Instead of taking a chance on losing your $158 investment in a brand-new quartz screw cap cell, why not spend $26 on a cuvette rack? A total of 12 cuvettes will be better protected for this price, which is a good deal.

6.Keeps the cuvettes off of the lab bench

In order to keep your cuvettes clean, you should keep them away from the lab bench. When we spoke about stability in point one, we also touched on this subject. Just because someone unintentionally brushed up against it, you don’t want the cuvette to topple over in the process. As a consequence, that option is no longer accessible.


When it comes to cleaning, an autoclave uses a pressurised chamber. Cuvettes that have been well cleaned are well-known for their importance. At a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius, the cell rack may be used in an autoclave (249oF).

8.Good for making cuvettes easy to see and organize

There is space for up to a dozen cuvettes in the rack that is located on top. Because they are laid up in two rows, each of which has six cuvettes, it is possible to see all of the six cuvettes at the same time.
You may also use a dry-erase marker to label your cuvettes by writing on the cell rack where they are stored. After you are through, you may erase the marker off the dry-erase board using an eraser designed for that purpose or a damp paper towel.

9.It’s easy to move more than one cuvette at once.

When you are working with a lot of samples, it may be hard to move a lot of cuvettes to a different lab. The cell rack makes it easy to put your cuvettes away and move them.
We hope that you find this list helpful. Let us know in the comments if you can think of any other great things about cuvette racks.

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