V Part Wigs and Headband Wigs

What Is a V Part Wig?

A V part wig has a V-shaped opening of the wig top. The opening on the top of the V part wig is left for your natural hair. You can choose to leave your own hair or not. If you think that leave some of your natural hair is more natural, you can choose to leave out hair; while if you can not handle the leave-out hair well, you can choose to put on the V part wig directly.

What Is a Headband Wig?

A headband wig is a wig with a hair band attached. The hair of the headband wig is sewn on a soft and suitable hair cap. the part near the frontal head is covered by a headband not the hair of the headband wig. The headband is soft and various and you can get a fashion look with it.

The Common Pros of V Part Wigs and Headband Wigs:

1. Easy to Install and Take Down

Both of them are glueless wigs, so you just need to  adjust it to the comfortable situation with the strap and some clips. Just a few minutes you will take. And it is very friendly for beginners.

2. Comfortable

It is very comfortable to be wore because the wig cap is made of breathable materials.

3. More Affordable

Headband wigs and V part wigs have an affordable price compared with the lace wigs, because they do not have no lace.

4. Prevent Allergies

The glue is no needed for installation because there is no lace for these two wigs, so it is good for people who is worrying about the skin allergies.

If you have thin hair, a headband wig is more suitable for you, because the hair of V part wigs should needed to hold the clips. You need to insert the combs into the hair braiding to prevent falling off.

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