Which Gazebo Size is perfect for My Outdoor Event?

Planning an outdoor event, most especially one that involves guests is quite time-consuming. First and foremost, depending on the type of event, you may need to prepare some snacks, seats and more importantly, shelter. Although it may not be necessary, it’s always recommended to at least provide a simple gazebo or what may be called a canopy or a tent. There are many sizes on the market but even a small 2M X 2M Gazebo can help you escape embarrassments.

If you’re planning an outdoor event whether in your backyard or at a trade show, here are some important aspects to look into when choosing the size of your pop-up gazebo for your event.

The Type of Gazebo

If you want to put up a perfect shelter that won’t bother you regardless of the type of weather, then a heavy-duty pop up gazebo is the answer. Heavy-duty gazebos are strong temporary shelters even though they may feel lightweight. This is because you generally have to transfer them from one place to another and being lightweight makes them easy to carry.

We’ve seen instances where one never considered a gazebo for an outdoor event and the results weren’t pleasing at all. Or cases, where tents are blown away by the wind and the stock, is left at the mercy of the dust. All these can be avoided by choosing a heavy-duty pop gazebo with the right accessories to optimise its strength and durability.

What is the Best Gazebo Size to go with?

The size of the gazebo to go with will always depend on the intended purpose of the gazebo. Worldwide, a gazebo of 2M X 2M is the standard size you should expect to find on the market. Since it’s a small one, it’s best for events where you are the only occupant and your guests or buyers only have to check out your work or stock while standing and then move away.

However, if you have a lot of merchandise to display and with helpers along with you, then you should consider bigger sizes like 3m X 4.5m, whether in S30 standard pop up gazebo or S32 standard heavy duty pop up gazebo. Depending on your needs you can also get a gazebo of 4m X 6m S40 premium heavy duty gazebo.

Pop up gazebos are mostly waterproof, fire-rated, and come with a carry case. Whether you want a pop up gazebo with sides or without sides, you will surely find your option. However, ensure to find out from the seller whether your gazebo has tarpaulin clamps among its accessories to effectively protect you and your merchandise from dust and rain.

Does the Gazebo Size Influence Its Cost?

Certainly yes! However, you can get a gazebo that falls within your budget. For example, if you need a 2Mx2M Pop Up Gazebo, its cost can range from £390.00 to £420 depending on its quality and specifications. Precisely, a 3m X 3m s30 pop gazebo may cost you £290.00; a 3m X 4.5m standard pop up gazebo may cost you around £295. 00etc.


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