Top 7 Apps for Betting Tips

Betting, an act of predictions – predictions that can be either made with educated or uneducated guesses. Educated guess featuring the use of betting strategies and information to forecast match outcomes. Times immemorial, betting tips and information were traded, but now people have free and premium access to tipsters who provide these info and tips. 

Tips are set up by tipsters who understand the game as well as the odds provided by bookmakers, they are sometimes sports insiders who curate and provide information that is not readily available to the public on either a free or mostly premium basis. Tipsters make use of value identifiers to recommend naps (bets with almost complete certainty) to bettors. Tips can be accessed by bettors through the use of internet websites as well as apps.

Bookmakers attract gamblers with the use of betting bonuses which tipsters and betting apps help to identify. As Aladar Kollar, an expert in curating betting tips succinctly puts it, “nincs olyan rendszeres fogadó, aki ne szeretné a fogadási bónusz lehetőségeit. A fogadók pontosan olyanok, mint bármely másik ember és az emberek szeretik az ingyen dolgokat. Ez még hangsúlyosabb a sportfogadók esetén, hiszen sok esetben a fogadás fő motivációja az ingyenes pénz megszerzése. És mivel így van, az ingyenes fogadási bónuszok nagyszerű módszert jelentenek a bukmékerek számára a fogadók bevonzására.“

These betting bonuses are available on different sporting platforms. These platforms include mobile sport betting apps as well as websites.

Smart Betting Tips for Punters

Here are some smart betting tips for punters to consider.

  • Learn about the basics of betting, getting to know bet types, different odds and their calculations as well as how to place bets.
  • Learning and creating betting strategies as they help tailor bet selections and choices.
  • Setting and sticking to a budget to prevent addiction and overspending.
  • Researching and choosing the right bookmakers.
  • Comparing odds.
  • Subduing emotions.
  • Keeping records of betting activities.

Our Picks for the Top 7 Apps for Betting Tips

Numerous apps provide betting tips, below are the top seven options we can recommend for you in the current market.

  • Stats24

This is an app featuring football odds, stats as well as predictions. Using an algorithm that factors on the databases of each team, the Stats24 app has been able to come up with various match forecasts and tips that has helped bettors increase their chances of success. Other advantages of using Stats24 are that; users get statistical updates daily, enjoy automated analysis, and complete information on the coefficients of each game.

  • WagerLab

This app fosters a community where bettors can go up against each other while betting on various markets of which most bets are risk-free. WagerLab provides users with weekly predictions as well as tips on various upcoming NFL matches and events. Like footy accumulators, WagerLab allows users to keep track of bet challenges with friends as well as personal selections.

  • OLBG

One of the best sports betting advice apps is OLBG, regarded as one of the apps with a vast database of profitable tips created and curated by expert tipsters. The app also provides users with the notification option where users can switch on their notification bell and get prompt updates tips on the current happenings in the world of sports. From NBA to NFL, Football, MLB or NFL, OLBG has got tips and naps in their numbers.

  • Bet Calculator

Bet calculator provides an important tool to bettors, giving gamblers, both new and experienced loads of bet calculating options. As an expert in gambling, you would want to start summing up odd and envisaging probabilities, this tedious work can be done by the Bet Calculator app while also bringing up bonuses accrued to bets by each bookmaker. Bet Calculator also provides users with app betting tips on diverse sports.

  • Matchguess 

Matchguess is an app solely based on the prediction of football matches, with these predictions having a specified probable conversion percentage. Unlike other betting apps such as OLBG that possesses a standard mode of search and bet creation, Matchguess allows users to evaluate and design their algorithm as they deem fit using variables like team names, the position of the team in the competition, number of teams in the tournament and a whole lot of other variables. All these sums Matchguess up to be a reliable betting tips app for users who know their way around the app.

  • Oddscheker 

 Just as the name implies, the app checks and compares odds, ensuring that bettors are provided with the best market odds for their selections. Oddscheker provides users with daily betting tips on various sports including soccer, NFL, MLB as well as NBA. Not only does the app check odds and provide tips, but it also provides new and old users with various bookie offers.

  • Footy Accumulators

Footy accumulator is an esport betting app. It presents a wide range of offers on odds and their comparison, allowing you to track your bets through their AccaTracker product. Also, the app possesses a tool used in searching trends that help notice valuable bets called Smart Acca, it gives bettors a considerable edge over bookmakers.

Final Notes

As bettors, analyzing the accuracy of the highlighted betting tips app would help you edge the betting market coming out profitable. It is important to note that a single bet that you copied based on the analysis of a betting tips app doesn’t guarantee constant profitability. Thus, it is necessary that as a bettor, you take enough time to determine the consistency of your betting tips app choice in making right predictions. 

Also, you may want to develop your own betting strategies and tactics to get better at what you do. To achieve this, choosing a practice sports betting app that could aid your preparations could be a good thing to do.

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Being successful at betting requires a lot of strategies and commitment. This article provides you with 7 apps that provide top betting tips that could aid your success. Unavoidable daily needs.

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