Time Management Tips for Online Students

Online education was not so popular before pandemic Covid-19, but after the pandemic Covid-19 hit the whole world online education became the only option for the students to pursue their education further. Online learning and education have become boon for the students, because many students who used to leave their studies and their dream of learning due to the lack of resources and due to lack of money, now they are getting their education and completing their dreams of learning higher education through online learning. These days any school management can be found including online learning in their curriculum on priority and school management never hesitates to include such tools also which are helpful to manage online learning for the students like institute ERP. It is so because institute ERP keeps the whole organization of school running the online learning in a better and balanced way. Now, among so much facilities students had to face some difficulties because school management was providing a lot of facilities to back up education via online learning but due to pandemic many students were also going through financial crisis and they had to do part-time and full-time jobs also to earn the livelihood of their family and this usually creates a lot of imbalances in their online learning and work. SO, students had to go through a lot of trouble to manage this imbalance and they used to go through a lot of stress because. Although it can be managed easily, how? let’s see:

  • To manage and make time-management online students need to plan ahead first. First of all, they make a time schedule of how long they have to work, usually 8-9 hours and the office time starts from 9am to 6pm or 10am to 7pm. So, we can see that here 2-3 hours’ time is left before office time and after office time, though it will become a little hectic but between these two time slots the online student can schedule his or her online classes. In this way their professional boundaries won’t be breached and learning will also go smoothly at home with a cup of coffee with a relaxed mood.
  • It is okay that students are very enthusiastic and they can attempt several works efficiently without any hesitation but they should not take it for granted. Energy level and enthusiasm of students should never be tested wrongly because it gives adverse results. Multitasking takes a toll on mental and physical health so students should limit their efforts till online learning and full time or part-time jobs, other than this if they try to opt any third job, this destroys their mental and physical health.
  • It hardly matters that a student works or studies online. He should be very précised and organized about it. Unorganized study or working both are dangerous. So, the student should set up his or her virtual office properly. He or she should keep high speed internet, there should be a proper and well-spaced organized study station which should be far away from distractions and high background sounds and there should be proper lighting so that it may not affect the eyesight if study goes for a long time. If it feels necessary then high-quality headphones should be there which should be soft at the ears and phone should be kept away to avoid distractions.
  • As discussed in the above paragraph, students should avoid distractions of any kind. Here to avoid distractions students need to understand the need for an organised study station. An organized study station includes a neat and clean study space where there should be no extra voices and sound to make a quiet atmosphere where one can study, attend online lectures and can listen to the recorded lectures without headphones over ears. Students should focus on their studies instead of listening to news, gossiping at home, or any other social media networks for entertainment because keeping a clean mind is necessary for good online learning.
  • After so much studying and learning and using the brain to maximum extent it is necessary for the students to reward themselves so students need to give themselves a token of happiness by doing whatever keeps them happy after their online learning, like swimming, watching good movies or spending quality time with family. This lightens the stress from the mind.

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