The Best Crypto Coins for UK Crypto Enthusiasts

The UK was introduced to crypto, as was the rest of the world, with the boom of the crypto market. This country boasts a number of investors in many markets, the crypto market included. This market has been growing for some time and offers a plethora of assets to invest in. So, if you’re new to the investment scene, or you’re looking to start investing in the crypto market then this guide will introduce you to it.

The plethora of coins is made up of popular ones as well as those that are up and coming. They can be lower cap market coins and they can be potentially rewarding. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for an all-around portfolio that has a bit of everything. Here are some popular crypto coins to invest in:


This is the crypto that started it all. Bitcoin was among the first crypto coins, which is why it’s popular today. It offers secure and fast transactions and no fees because of no involvement of a third party. As it’s a giant on the crypto market you’ll find it available on multiple crypto exchanges. There’s more than one buying guide online to help you with making out the buying and selling of Bitcoin assets.


Ethereum is another major player in the cryptocurrency market. It’s a bit faster than Bitcoin when it comes to making transactions, but in general, it offers the same benefits to users. It’s a crypto coin that can be used to build apps on. Its popularity makes it available on more than one exchange platform which is why UK investors should consider Ethereum as an addition to their portfolio.


This is a relatively new crypto coin on the scene, but it’s a popular one nonetheless. That’s because the Cardano token offers proof-of-stake validation. With this kind of validation, you’ll get faster transactions and lesser energy usage if you’re planning on mining this coin. Similar to Ethereum it offers smart contacts which let you stay anonymous and safe when trading online. These are several reasons why you’ll find Cardano on many lists of popular crypto assets to keep an eye out for.


Memes make up most of the net today and people love making them. It’s a great way to laugh, seeing a meme. A Shiba Inu sat with its front legs crossed which is why it became a meme. But it was also the inspiration for a crypto coin that started out as a joke. Nowadays, Dogecoin has serious investment potential, something each UK investor should be aware of.

Low Cap Market Coins

As mentioned before, there are low cap market crypto coins that are looking to be the next big thing. There are loads of them available on the crypto market, but only some of them are worth your time. Zano is one such coin and you can view the code for this coin on GitHub. It’s rather transparent which is why you can trust it.

Another example would be the LuckyBlock token which lets you access the crypto lottery. You can enjoy the lottery games or not. Even if you don’t you’ll get a piece of every jackpot, and you’ll be able to enjoy instant payouts too. MOBOX is another low cap market coin that’s based on Momo, the popular NFT. The main thing to remember about these coins is that they’re high-risk high reward ones. Trade with them carefully.

Another thing to remember is that as an investor and a user of any crypto coin you’ll need a crypto wallet. Luckily, there are several ones available online and you need to research them before you go for one. The right exchange will also make all the difference.

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