Best 3 Ways to Convert JPEG to JPG

If you don’t know much about file formats, you might easily assume that file conversion is such a miracle. This is more likely whenever taking photos that have a digital photo output. As long as it captured the photo, some people won’t care about any of the technicalities.

In some cases, it is true that file formats are the same though there are differences in the name, such as .JPEG and .JPG. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group which was first used in 1992, but JPG is also the exact same format. Yes – the two image file formats are the same file extension. According to imaging experts, JPEG was typically used in digital imaging devices but Windows can only recognize three-letter file extensions. The shortcut JPG was the solution to make the file readable.

If for some reason you would need to convert JPEG to JPG (such as file compatibility issue), here are some of the options to help you.

Unbelievable to some, but this file converter does not need any software installed on your PC to work. It does most of the file formats you need without waiting too much time to finish the installation. This includes how to convert jpeg and jpg in just a few clicks. It would only need an internet browser and an active internet to work.

Visit the website and you’ll see its user-friendly home page. On the same screen, you’ll be able to see a blue box that has a “Choose File” button. Click on it, choose from the directory, and upload the file with a .JPEG extension. Alternatively, the mentioned box can also do drag and drop for the files. Once asked what file format it will be changed to, choose .JPG. Wait for the process to finish then download the converted file.


This next image converter is computer software that can only run on Windows OS. That may immediately sound complicated, but it has a step-by-step wizard with regards to installation and usage. It also includes an option to adjust and resize the output quality of images after conversion. It is also free of charge but always beware of the possible risks.

Once the software is installed, click the “Add Image(s)” button on the upper left. After which, other options are already available on the same window, such as customer conversion for different websites, devices, or purposes (such as CD printing and for emails). Depending on the settings you prefer, there will be a step-by-step guide available along the way. Download the file once it prompts ready.

Pixillion Image Converter Software

As their website says, this is “one of the most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive multi-format image file converters” available in the market today. Unlike the PixConverter, this is an updated converter that can also do the change from JPEG to JPG. The free version is available for personal use, but commercial use will require a paid license.

Download the Pixillion software. Once the installation completes, drag and drop the photo. Once done, enter the resize option you would like depending on your preference. Just click convert and the job is done. There are other editing tools that some users may find helpful. This includes adding watermark, flip, crop, rotate, and filters.

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