Styles of modern dance for girls: a list of directions

If a person does not like to dance, then he has not yet found his dance. The benefits of rhythmic movements to music are proven even by doctors. It is a great hobby, a great way to pass the time and a pleasant type of physical activity.

Styles of modern dance for girls list is innumerable, everyone can find what he likes. Today we will talk about several current trends. Some of them appeared only in our days, some are gaining a second breath after years of neglect. Turn on the music, we’re starting!

Modern dance styles for girls: a list

How to stay physically fit? Choose a dance lifestyle! Mastery of the body is given to everyone, but because of excessive modesty, not everyone can realize themselves in this direction. Particularly modest can practice at home, but it is more difficult and will take more time. In the case of the couples types, if there is no pair – will have to go to class.

Dancing is good for health, physical and mental. Pros in favor of dancing:

  • a positive attitude;
  • the formation of a straight posture;
  • physical activity;
  • the normalization of coordination of movements;
  • stabilization of the vestibular apparatus;
  • strengthening of the heart;
  • improvement of lung function;
  • fun;
  • self-confidence;
  • a new hobby.

This kind of art is an alternative to physical exercise in the gym. Such a hobby is suitable for women of all ages, physical fitness, body type, weight.

Dancing movements turn flaws in a winning advantage. There will be femininity, changed gait, gestures will be smooth.

Modern trends contain dozens or even hundreds of styles. Consider the popular and interesting varieties.


Twerk, shake, and booty dance are all about it. The dance direction, in which the masterful ability to shake the butt comes to the fore, came from Africa, and spread thanks to Miley Cyrus, who fiercely performed it at the awards of MTV.

Booty dance is a solo of the hips and buttocks. Dancers make figure eight, vigorously contracting muscles, “vibrate” the ass (this element is called “shake”). The upper part of the body is not involved, but the performer has to properly tense the upper abs to “hold the bottom.

Twerk does not presuppose a strictly set rhythm or music. It is usually performed in rap and hip-hop.

To perform and workout wear short shorts, bikinis, tight-fitting leggings or leggings. Footwear is required to be as comfortable as possible, so often choose sneakers or sneakers. Also use knee pads so as not to get an injury or bruise during a quick or long element.

Dancing Booty Dance, you’ll feel like a wild woman, inviting and frank, and at the same time not bad pump your legs and buttocks.


Vogue is a dance of poses. It emerged back in the ’70s, when the professional modeling business began to gain momentum. People who could not get on the catwalks gathered in groups and imitated models, depicting their flamboyant poses. Then music came along, and mere imitation became a cultural phenomenon.

Vogue is characterized by emotionality, active rotation of the hips and arms, hypertrophied mannerism, and rhythmic falls. The main thing is to “keep a face”!

Vogue is performed under the House, in a tight, emphasizing clothes, and of course on high heels! Battles – competition of dancers – are considered the main element of the culture.

Despite the mannerism and hypertrophied, vogue is a technical movement. Each gesture is carefully worked out, even the position of the hands counts, so at the beginning of training there is a thorough warm-up.

Contact Improvisation

Not all styles of modern dance for girls involve solo performances or lengthy mastery of choreography. Contact improvisation is a movement of the soul, a way to feel your partner or try to get to know a stranger. The history of this trend begins in 1972, the progenitor is considered to be Steve Paxton – an American choreographer.

The main task – to keep continuous contact with a partner, continuing to move without freezing. Partners can touch each other in any way – with their backs, heads or hands.

The choreography and beauty of performance are not particularly important here, the essence is the inner feelings and experiences. They dance in loose, uninhibited clothes, often barefoot, to calm, meditative music.

Today, CI is actively used in psychotherapy – finding a point of contact in the rhythmic expressive body movements to the music helps couples to better know and feel each other.


Another couples style on our list is the hot bachata. It appeared in the Dominican Republic during the bitter years of the early 20th century, when the only happy entertainment of impoverished people was love and dancing body movements to music.

Bachata involves very close contact. The ties are mostly circular and smooth, no sharp turns and over the shoulder. The partner gently moves from one side to the other, the dancers’ steps are small and neat, the hips move freely.

Bachata is also a style of music, so you won’t have to choose a tune for a long time.

Uniform for classes – a skirt or dress for the lady, a suit for the gentleman. Shoes – high heels to emphasize the movements of the hips. Dance body movements sensual and passionate, but not abrupt and assertive as in the tango.

Popular styles, like hundreds of years ago, reflect the prevailing moods in society. Rhythmic and erotic movements based on close contact between partners are becoming more and more popular. Who knows, maybe we are getting closer?


This trend appeared in the mid-60’s last century. Initially, it was a way of entertaining guests at clubs, festivals, and discos. Even if you are not a fan of nightclubs, it is worth learning a few tricks.

The ability to dance in the style of Go-Go will give confidence to any girl, learn to catch rhythms of music, own body, and beautifully improvise.

Go-Go is distinguished by dynamic, temperamental, bright ligatures. Although considered a club erotic dance, but is not related to striptease. Dancers do not undress to the music. Clothing can be chosen as frank or more closed. More info 

Oriental Style

Oriental dancing is an art of seduction that came from the East. Oriental charm is always fashionable and popular, perfect for beginner dancers. Exclusively a woman’s direction, it is ideal for owners of puffy forms.

Movement light, sensual, spectacular, mesmerizing beauty and grace curves of the body, help to forget about the complexes.

Performed only in a special “costume”. The right image will help to tune in to the eastern tempo. 

Popular trends:

  • Arabic – a popular direction, in which the key role is played by gestures with loose hair;
  • Egyptian – modest movements, more closed stage costume;
  • Turkish – accompanied by frank attire, contact with the audience, there are dance moves on the table.

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