Spells to make someone fall in love with you

If people knew how easy it is to find true love with magic, the number of unhappy single people would decrease by hundreds of percent worldwide. However, despite being there throughout history, magic hasn’t won people’s trust globally. As if to make things worse, most of the spells published online or in occult literature today aren’t working. We decided to right the wrong and tell you about some very powerful but at the same time quite simple spells to make someone fall in love with you which can actually help people. A competent ancher like Spellcaster Maxim must be your mentor if you want to perform instant love spells https://spellshelp.com/practical-magic/articles/a-spell-to-make-someone-fall-in-love-with-you-instantly

We will tell you about a how to make someone fall in love with you spell, describing the ritual in detail and advising you on general requirements to meet, including the things to get rid of to cast effective spells. We will instruct you on the dates to perform your spells to get the best results possible. We always let our readers choose their spells offering them simple and more complex options. The only thing required from you is your attention, belief in success, and following the instructions provided. On our part we promise you to keep telling you about different useful rituals turning our blog into an encyclopedia of home magic.​

A make someone fall in love with you spell

If your loved one smokes cigarettes, you can use a make someone fall in love with you spell cast with cigarettes and honey. This spell works better if cast on men by women. It can also be used by men under 30 years of age. To perform this ritual, you need some organic honey. Many years ago sorcerers would suggest using wild forest honey harvested by the caster. It’s not easy to do today so you can just buy some organic honeydew honey, preferably not at a grocery store but at a local bee farm. This is how you can get honey containing minimum alien energy. It would also be perfect if honey was collected right in front of you.

Bring the honey home, pour it into a copper bowl, and put it in the sun to melt. While the honey is melting, take your clothes off, take a shower to wash off all the cosmetic products you have on, and then start casting your make him fall in love spell without wiping yourself dry or putting any clothes on. Apply a thin layer of honey to your body with a copper spatula. First apply some to the area above your groin, then draw a honey line starting from above the belly button and going all to the way up to your chest, and then apply some honey to the center of your chest. Finally, apply some honey to your forehead.

You should be standing in the sun while applying the honey, and then with your eyes closed say the following text:

“I’m casting this spell on you with my desire to be taken by you! I’m casting this spell on you with my desire to be with you! I’m casting this spell on you with my love for you! I’m casting this spell on you with my thoughts about you. I’m casting this spell on you to attract you, to make you want me, think about me, and love me. May my spell penetrate you without you knowing it. May you love me for years to come. I won’t let you go, I won’t hurt you, and I won’t betray you! In return you shouldn’t let me go, hurt me, or betray me. May your heart melt from the heat of my love like the sun is melting the honey on my skin. May we be together for as long as I have feelings for you, my desire to be with you stays strong, and I keep thinking about you. When I fall out of love with you, when I stop wanting you and when I forget you, we’ll break up. I promise!”

After saying the spell 12 times, collect the honey from your body into a clean copper bowl using the same copper spatula. Without taking a shower or putting your clothes on, take a pack of cigarettes your loved one usually smokes, open it, and take out four cigarettes. Shake off some tobacco from each of the four cigarettes and add a drop of honey to each pile using a sharpened stick. Put the tobacco back into the cigarettes and put the cigarettes back into the pack.

Now clean up the room. Wash all the dishes you used in your ritual. Pour the leftover honey into the sink and wash down the drain with tap water. Then take a shower and get dressed. Now you need to make your loved one smoke those cigarettes. If possible, go to his place and put it in a place where he usually keeps his cigarettes, so when he sees the pack, he’ll think it’s his and he left it there and forgot about it. Also you can substitute the pack he’s smoking right now with your pack. If a few cigarettes are missing, take out the same amount from your pack to avoid arousing suspicion. Naturally, the cigarettes with the honey should stay in the pack.

If you see your crush only at work, find out where he keeps his cigarettes and replace the pack. If it’s not possible, just give the pack to him saying you just happen to have the same cigarettes he’s smoking and you want to give it to him because you don’t smoke.​

The spell will be activated as soon as your loved one’s smoked all the cigarettes containing that honey. If the target decides not to smoke any of the four cigarettes for some reason, the spell won’t work. This ritual shouldn’t be performed again. If it brings poor results, find another spell on our website to cast or do what people who don’t like wasting their time do and hire a professional magic practitioner to put a powerful love spell on your loved one and make him love you back.

When it comes to casting love spells, don’t be stubborn. By casting spells to make someone fall in love with you, you communicate your plea for help to Higher Powers asking them to change your fate, to which they reply almost immediately. If they do want to help you, your spell works. If they don’t, it doesn’t, no matter how many times you try to cast it. If you’re wondering why Higher Powers may refuse helping people cast their love spells, below are some of the most common reasons:

  • You have a loneliness curse on you;
  • You have a celibacy wreath on you;
  • The target is meant to be with someone else;
  • You’ll be unhappy together;
  • You should change yourself as a person before changing your life with a love spell;
  • The target is already influenced by another spell;
  • The target is in love with someone else;
  • The target is married;
  • The target’s heart’s broken and it can’t love anyone at the moment;
  • The target uses a protective charm or prays to protect himself from magic;
  • You barely know each other so there is no reliable connection between you;
  • The target’s energy is too dirty to be impacted by a spell;
  • The target is sick, so Higher Powers protect him from magic to not let his condition get worse.

This explains why there’s more to a spellcaster’s job than just casting a love spell. This job consists of several stages. To begin with, the spellcaster improves the energies of the people involved (target and client). Then he removes all unnecessary bonds formed by the target which may keep him from falling in love with the client, and finally the love spell is cast which will be ineffective unless all of the previous steps are taken.

One of the points on our list was that love spells shouldn’t be put on people you barely know. This is easily explained. The magic charge sent by a ritual doesn’t fly through the air like a bullet or like a bird. It can fly only thought the channel connecting two people. This channel is formed when two people spend a lot of time together and have something in common. The easiest and fastest way to build this channel is to have sex with a person and if possible impress this person in bed. Energy channels formed through sex exist for a few days and allow for magical charges flying back and forth with ease.

A spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly

The following situation is quite common though. You prepare for a spell to make someone fall in love with you, buy all the required ingredients, perform the ritual on a day chosen according to the lunar calendar, but still fail. When you come to a professional spellcaster to have your subtle bodies scanned to find out what’s wrong, the spellcaster usually finds one very common problem which caused your failure. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed. So let’s find out what it is and how to fix it.

The problem is low self-esteem. It’s a very common problem today. To find out if you have low self-esteem, take the below short test and sum up your yes-answers. The more you have, the lower your self-esteem and the less successful your love spells and any other spells will be.

  • You rarely laugh;
  • You rarely think about your future;
  • You don’t like to be in the spotlight;
  • You’ve done nothing today to change your future for the better;
  • You’re not the life and soul of the party;
  • Your job places minimum responsibility on you;
  • You have to report to at least three persons;
  • Your parents’ opinion is important to you;
  • Your friends’ opinion is important to you;
  • You never try to outpace slow walkers.

No matter how confusing you find our claim that there’s no point in casting a make someone fall in love with you spell until you improve your self-esteem, this statement is true. Do you think your self-esteem is low because no one loves you? Use a love spell, find someone who really loves you, and improve your self-esteem. However, in our experience, people with low self-esteem can’t make their relationships last. Their low self-esteem makes them display unhealthy behavior harming their relationship. Such people are unable to exchange energy with the partner on equal terms which ultimately leads to a breakup.

A strong and healthy relationship is a relationship between two people who give and take approximately the same amount of energy. In such relationships there is a strong bond between the partners and a lot of love. If you give more energy than you get, the partner loves you more than you love him or her. In this case your partner can as well be obsessed with you. If you give less energy than your partner gives you, your partner loses interest in you and eventually starts looking for someone who has more energy to share.​

Even if you cast your spell to make a man fall in love with you successfully, you won’t be able to maintain your relationship. In about a month your partner will have the same feelings for you he or she did before you performed the ritual. So if you have this chakra disorder, contact an experienced spellcaster and let him treat your chakras. As a matter of fact, chakra treatment alone can be enough for you to improve your love life. To be on the safe side, get your chakras cleansed plus order a love spell. As a result, you’ll have a relationship with whoever you choose and your love will last for several beautiful years.

Low self-esteem is a disease attacking the three lower chakras. Its harmful effects on each of the chakras vary. Anyway, all three chakras need to be treated simultaneously to recover from it. To begin with, boost your immune system by not eating for one day, which is usually enough to remove toxins from your energy centers naturally. Also walk more, don’t eat breakfast and dinner, and overcome your fears. Mediate on a regular basis listing your strong points and praising yourself for having them. Also try to be funny and make people laugh. This will help you overcome your shyness and boost your self-esteem.

Sometimes this disease can be caused by a hex or a curse, but hexes and curses should be removed only by professional spellcasters because these are very serious energy diseases. Self-treatment can only make it worse. Sometimes such conditions can be genetic. In this case you should use the measures described above. Anyways, you shouldn’t do magic until you’re fully recovered.

In our energy systems low self-esteem and the other extreme, high self-esteem, define the following two aspects: the charge you put into achieving your dreams and your ability to protect yourself from hexes, curses, magic side-effects, and impure energies. It leads not only to a ricochet effect when the magic charge comes back after failing to enter the target’s subtle bodies, but also to a very serious energy contamination.

This is how our subtle bodies work. In case of danger, they not only try to protect themselves by any means. They also fight back. While resisting an attack, they beam all the negative and processed energy sending it to the one who was the first to cast the spell. So when you cast a love spell and fail, it doesn’t just come back to you. If that was the case, spells wouldn’t be dangerous at all. You would just absorb and process the energy you sent and move on. The problem is that when a failed spell comes back, it carries the target’s negative energy. This is when you take over this person’s diseases and curses and have to pay for his or her karmic crimes and mistakes. You basically give the target your happy fate taking the worst things the target’s fate has in return.

This is often the case with chubby people. Being overweight affects your chakras slowing them down. It weakens your energies and natural energy defense mechanisms. For this reasons we always encourage overweight people to lose some weight before casting any spells. If you can’t lose weight naturally, hire a professional spellcaster offering spells for a healthy weight or amulets to lose weight as fast as ice is melting when exposed to the hot July sun.

Spells to make someone fall in love with you forever

If you’re not married and want to have a serious relationship, you can use a spell called a “spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly” cast on tableware. Such spells can be cast in different ways. For example, you can cast it on a salt-cellar if your loved one uses one. To begin with, buy exactly the same salt-cellar as the one you saw on the table or in one of the kitchen cabinets in the house of your loved one, fill it with salt, and put it instead of the one used by your loved one.

Bring the stolen salt-cellar home and wait for a new moon. There is a reason you should wait for it. All professional magic practitioners know that the best moon phase for love spells is a new moon. For this reason you should wait for this phase as well to take full advantage of your ritual.

After that you’ll need to do something not quite pleasant. Put some salt on you bed, lay down, and try to fall asleep. Of course, it’s very uncomfortable. But if you really love the target, you can do it. Besides, it’s not the worst thing people have done for love. So we’re quite sure you’ll handle it just fine, even though you’re going to have to sleep completely naked.

After you lay down, say:

“This salt will absorb my love, drop by drop, from my pores, from my skin and veins, from my heart and soul, just like it absorbs the water, to give it to the one I love. This salt will become magical and able to work wonders. It will make my loved one love me back. I’ll sleep this night, wake up tomorrow morning, collect the salt, and a miracle will happen. It’ll last for nine hundred ninety-nine days. Then I’ll make a salt bed again, sleep in it, and make more magical salt. And the miracle of love will happen again.”

Sleep on the salt all night long. In the morning get up carefully and stand on the foil next to your bed (you should put it in advance). Shake the salt off your body carefully making sure it falls on the foil. The more salt you collect, the stronger your spell will be. Pour the salt on paper and mix it up with regular white salt without taking a shower. You should have enough salt to fill up the salt-cellar. Fill up the salt-cellar and return it without your loved one knowing about it.

This magical salt has two important properties. First of all, when your loved one adds it into his food, the salt will make him fall in love with you slowly. Secondly, if consumed by your love rival, the salt will have the opposite effect on your loved one, making your love rival completely unappealing to your loved one.​

As you can understand from the text of the spell, it stays effective for 999 days starting from the day your loved one consumes this salt for the first time. As you could also understand from it, the spell will become less effective over time and it can be recast. However, this spell doesn’t work for people who don’t love the target. The driving force of this spell is your love. Your love is what makes it effective. If you want to be with someone whom you don’t love, hire a professional magic practitioner as this is your only option.

A lot of spells to make someone fall in love with you require stealing things. But don’t worry because to perform the next ritual you’ll need to steal just one item which you’ll return as soon as the ritual’s finished. This item is a spoon used by your loved one. It’s easy to steal it without anyone realizing it’s missing. Besides, it shouldn’t be new, as only old spoons are connected to the owner through their energy.

To make it magical, carry it with you for two weeks. Wear it on a lace making sure it touches the center of your chest. Carry it day and night and don’t take it off even to take a shower or bath. Don’t try to wash it when you think it’s dirty. When it absorbs your energy, it’ll become like a flash drive containing information about your dreams, plans, love, and your desire to be loved back.

Two weeks later take the spoon off, remove the lace, and put the spoon away for one day to let the energy cool down. By the way, if possible use a silver spoon. If your loved one doesn’t use silverware, use a metal one. Spoons which don’t absorb energy are plastic and ceramic spoons. 24 hours later rinse the spoon without using any dish soap, wrap it in a clean handkerchief, and bring it to the house of your loved one. Put it back where it’s always been and wait. Once your loved one takes this spoon in his hand, the spoon will start changing his energy, letting in the energy of your dreams to be together and encouraging him to want similar things and take steps accordingly.

However, if the spoon is touched by your love rival, the spell will be broken. For this reason this ritual is very unreliable. Yet it’s good for people who’re in love with someone who’s never had a serious relationship. This spell impacts such people within 4-8 days and stays effective for two to four months.

Usually this spell is used by people who want to start dating someone in order to see if this person is right for them. If he or she isn’t, they just move on. The target falls out of love with them eventually and they break up. Otherwise, they choose a more powerful how to make someone fall in love with you spell which stays effective for at least one year. As you know, no spells stay effective forever. So when you put a love spell on someone, you need to cast new stronger spells every now and then to maintain your relationship.

To save yourself the trouble, hire a professional spellcaster who can cast love spells which stay effective for dozens of years.

Spell to make a man fall in love with you

The number of cars grows along with the number of people who can potentially benefit from a make a man fall in love with you spell cast on the man’s car. The preparations to make are pretty standard and include physical and energy cleansing. The end of the cleansing should fall on the first day of a full moon and the ritual should be finished on the seventh day since its start.

To perform this ritual, you need seven envelopes. Write your name of each one. Put a note with a declaration of your love for the target adding “I want him (the guy’s name) to love me!” inside each envelope. You can change the content if you wish. Stack the envelopes on a shelf and make sure no one touches them.

In the evening take four white candles and put them in the corners of the room. Lock the door so no one could bother you during the ritual. If possible, ask everyone living with you not to disturb you for a while. Don’t specify why and don’t tell anything you’re going to cast a make him fall in love spell. No one should know about it. Don’t tell anyone about it even after the spell works. A few thoughtless words can break the spell and your love, no matter how strong, will be gone.

Put the four white candles in the corners of the room and light them. Move the table in the middle of the room, put a large round mirror on it, face up. Put the fifth candle the middle of the mirror and light it. Remember that the candles should be lit in a special manner in this ritual. First light a match. Then light a lime tree twig with it. The light an oak tree twig with it. And then use it to light the candle.

Put the first envelope on the edge of the mirror and open it. Now say the spell:

“I’m giving you not a part of myself but all of me. I’m giving you not a piece of my body, but all my love. I’m giving you not a few dates and random meetings but a long life together.”

As you say this spell, pull three hairs out of your scalp and put them near the envelope. Repeat the spell and then cut one finger nail off and put it near the envelope too. Say the spell again and pull out one eyelash.

Now take a pair of scissors and cut the hairs, the eyelash and the nail into small pieces over the envelope so the pieces fall inside. Say the spell for the fourth time, spit inside the envelope thrice, and close it. Then seal it with some candle wax. Put the envelope away and leave everything else you used in your ritual, such as the chair, table, mirror and the candles, as it is. Don’t touch any of those things for the next seven days.

The next day repeat the ritual using a second envelope. Repeat it for seven days to fill all the seven envelopes.

On the eighth day get in the car of the person you love. To continue your make a man fall in love with you spell, take out the first envelope without the man seeing it, open it, repeat the spell, and shake off the contents on the floor. If possible, shake it off under the car floor mat and put the mat on top of it.

The floor is not the only place where you can leave the contents of your envelopes. Other places include the area under the rear seats, the ash tray, the grove box, the seat pocket, the trunk, etc. Just be careful and make sure the guy doesn’t see what you’re doing and doesn’t understand what it is. If he does, your efforts will be in vain. You have seven days to shake off the contents of all seven envelopes – one day for one envelope.

When you finish, don’t call the man and don’t text him for three days. You should wait to see if your spell’s working or not. If it’s not, the man won’t reach out to you within three days (by phone or just visit you in person). If the man contacts you in any way, congratulations because your spell’s working and will stay effective for five to twelve months.

If you want to break up with the man who is still in love with you, use this simple ritual with a green acidic apple. Like any other fruit used in magic rituals, this apple should be picked up from the tree personally by the caster. Since one apple may not be enough, pick several just in case. Put the apples you don’t need in the fridge, while the one you’re going to perform your ritual with on the table, having covered it with some paper in advance.

Cut the apple into six equal parts. Cut each part into two equal parts. Wrap them into a handkerchief and squeeze them to make some apple juice. Drip some juice over the picture of your loved one – on his lips, eyes, and forehead. When the juice starts dripping, say:

“I loved you but my love’s gone. We were happy together but I don’t want it anymore. I’m asking you (the man’s name) to let me go. Let’s break up and stay friends, having no hard feelings for each other. But we won’t be lovers ever again. Our love can’t be restored like our feelings for each other can’t be revived. I’ve let you drink some acidic juice burning down the love for me from your thoughts, from your eyes, and removing the words of love from your lips. You can’t hold me. We will never love each other again. May it come true. Amen.”

However, this ritual can break only weak spells. To find out how to break powerful love spells, visit our blog.

A competent caster, such as Spellcaster Maxim https://spellshelp.com/ is always on hand to ensure your effective love spell function smoothly. Your love life will benefit greatly if you can entrust this arcane expert with your charms. Check more

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