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Saregama is one of the oldest brands in the market, which has recently made a foray into the technological world. With the same traditional and elegant appeal of jewelry, Saregama creates an enchanting ambiance with its versatile designs. In this era, we are living in a world where high-end and fashion sense blend very well. So Saregama has definitely gone ahead to be in the limelight. Saregama is not only a traditional brand but it also caters to our needs of convenience, style, innovation and quality.

The gifts pertaining to music are also evolving over time. From the gramophone of older generations to the new great radios of modern grandparents, music players too have come a long ways. However, the most coveted music player that has carved its place in the pre-loaded songs of many music lovers is the portable bluetooth mode Saregama, which is also trending in the gift registry of many consumers.

Saregama has incorporated the latest technology like the Fm radio, bluetooth and a rechargeable battery in its most innovative devices to ensure that you can enjoy your Saregama sessions even when you are on move. The Saregama carvaan tamil is equipped with the latest FM radio technology, which can be listened to by people around you. Saregama has also incorporated a very handy warranty protection scheme, which comes as a value-added service. The warranty protection scheme provided by Saregama is one year in case of any damage to the carvaan tamil and in case of any defects in the bluetooth device. This makes the Saregama an ultimate choice of many consumers who are looking for something beyond the ordinary pre-loaded songs.

As per the specifications, Saregama can be installed by the consumer himself but the manufacturer recommends that the saregama owner should opt for an authorized Saregama dealer to install the saregama. There is a saregama installation manual available with the product which helps the saregama owner to carry out the task easily. When the saregama is being installed, it is advised to follow the installation process only by an authorized Saregama technician or dealer to avoid any confusion at a later stage. The entire warranty period is documented in the manual along with the installation procedure.

An authentic Saregama dealer will provide you with both the original warranty card and a warranty service certificate. Both these documents are essential to prove the authenticity and the benefits of the saregama. The warranty card serves as proof of the saregama’s authenticity as well as the benefits under the warranty card. The warranty service certificate proves that the Saregama dealer is authorized to provide the saregama’s warranty service in the country in which one has purchased the saregama.

It is very important that when one purchases a saregama carvaan, he must also purchase an authentic warranty card. These two documents prove that the product purchased is genuine and Saregama is the company that markets and sells these products legally. An authentic Saregama dealer would always provide all the relevant information about the product including the serial number, model and the country where one can acquire the saregama carvaan after completing the deal. The serial number is a unique code that is used to determine the year of manufacture. A dealer would not sell a saregama without a serial number as this would be a fraud.

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