SaaS Onboarding Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience

Onboarding is an important connection between customers and SaaS companies. Regardless of how perfect products, services, or features, creating,  SaaS companies need an effective SaaS onboarding process. For new customers, it is vital to easily understand with product or solution. And to increase their awareness,   SaaS company provides roadmaps,  tutorials, videos, surveys, and more. As onboarding of the very first impressions people get, companies need to build a great onboarding process.

Top 4 SaaS onboarding best practices O Improve Customer Experience

Customers consider continuing to use the product during the ongoing process. SasS company will even lose new users within the first week and won’t reach its business goal not having a compelling SaaS onboarding process. To avoid this, we will discuss SaaS onboarding best practices.

1.  Understand your customers and share with them a strong value proposition  

Understand your customer’s goals and share with them a strong value proposition  

The first step is identifying your customers. Analyze their pain points to improve their onboarding experience. It’s important to understand their obstacles and problems, so you can offer your product as a solution.

The onboarding process should focus on the value of your product rather than the features. And it is essential not only in the onboarding process but in every phase of your product development. 

CRM software is used by businesses to help manage their relationships and interactions with their clients. Using the data you gather on your customers’ interests, purchase history, preferences, and more, and you can better tailor your products, marketing, and services to your clients’ needs.

A strong value proposition lets you build strong relationships, so they trust your product.

2. Give them educative and informative onboarding content

When customers buy your product, they love to receive onboarding content that welcomes and educates them. If you don’t skip this part, chances get higher that the customers will stay loyal to a business. But if they feel frustrated, they can quickly delete your app or cancel the subscription.

People also don’t want to waste time figuring out how your product or service works. SaaS companies’ primary job is to offer guidance about every step of their onboarding journey. Informative content is crucial, especially if you have a real estate chatbot as this tool’s goal is to provide value to the customers and as a result, increase sales.

Create helpful how-to videos and informative blogs about tooltips and features, and don’t forget to highlight benefits.

One of the SaaS onboarding best practices is suggesting customers a demo tour.

3. Provide a more personalized onboarding journey

One of your first steps was understanding your customer’s personalities, their pain points, and demands. If you don’t research your customer base and don’t use the opportunities the data gives, your efforts will go in vain. SaaS companies try to make the onboarding experience personalized as it’s an important factor for modern customers. The market is highly competitive, so if you treat your customers as unique individuals, most probably they will choose your product.

A welcome email or message can be a great way to give customers a great onboarding journey. It’s a great idea to use artificial intelligence to make the onboarding process more personalized.

4. Create an onboarding process with the customer success team

If your onboarding process is complicated, training your customer success managers is critical to ensure you can reach your goals as a company. 

The customer success team’s job is to understand your customers and their need and produce demos about features. And also create content about the value of the product they brought. Their job is to measure the onboarding process to learn which parts need improvement. In simple words, their goal is to make an amazing onboarding process.


For different companies onboarding process can be different, therefore, every business should find which works best for them. We shared SaaS onboarding practices which include defining your customer and telling them your unique value proposition. Also, provide them with informative and engaging onboarding content. As people love a personalized approach, your onboarding also should be according to specific needs. Your whole customer success team’s job is to create and improve a successful onboarding process.

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