Key reasons why you should use LED grow light for Cannabis cultivation  

If you grow cannabis, you should know the advantages of using LED grow lights for your plants. They are cheap to run, last a long time, and work much better than any other kind of lighting system for indoor growing. In this article, we’ll talk about how LED grow lights help growers get bigger harvests and why indoor growers should use them.

What are LED grow lights? 

LED grow lights are getting more and more popular for indoor gardening because they can help plants grow faster and cheaper than traditional grow lights. An LED grow light gives off light at specific wavelengths that can be changed to help photosynthesis. They also use less energy than other types of grow lights. 

Reasons for using LED grow light

High efficiency 

LED grow lights use less electricity than HID grow lights, so you can save money on your electric bill and get your money back in a year. 

You don’t need as many watts to get the same amount of light. This means you need fewer bulbs to do the same amount of work, which lowers your electricity bill and makes it easier to keep your plants healthy. 

LEDs are also more efficient than fluorescent bulbs because they don’t waste energy making heat. 

Quick ROI 

Because an LED grow light produces less heat, you spend less money on energy and cooling. This means that your electricity bill will be lower, and you’ll be able to run fewer fans in a room and still keep it well-ventilated. HPS bulbs can get as hot as 200–300C, but LEDs only get about 50C when they’re on. 

Also, you don’t need as many bulbs as with HPS. In terms of coverage area and intensity, one 1000W HPS bulb can replace four 250W LED grow light panels (PPFD). So, instead of four 250W LEDs, you only need two 1000W LEDs. 

Maintains UV and IR spectrums 

Plants need both UV and IR light to grow. In order for a plant to make vitamin D, it needs UV light. Without UV, plants won’t be able to make sterols, which are important for chloroplasts and cell membranes to work right. Sterols also help protect against diseases caused by fungi, like powdery mildew, which grow well in dark places. 

IR light is used to warm up plants by absorbing heat from one part of your grow room and sending it out in all directions. This keeps your plants warm from all directions. 

Safe for indoor use 

LED grow lights can be used inside. LED grow lights don’t make any gases, chemicals, or UV rays that are bad for plants. 

They are also safe to use in a house because they don’t give off toxic fumes. This means that if your plant your cannabis seeds at home, you can breathe easy knowing that using LED lights won’t hurt you.

Low heat output 

LED grow lights give off the least amount of heat of any kind of light. They only use a small amount of electricity compared to HID or fluorescent lights, and when they are turned off, they don’t give off any heat. Using an LED grow light can make your room a little bit cooler. 

LEDs also give off much less heat than incandescent and halogen bulbs. These types of bulbs waste a lot of energy as heat, which means you’ll have to pay more and your plants will be under more stress (since warm temperatures can lead to nutrient deficiencies). 

Longer life bright light spectrum 

LED lights last the longest and are the most durable of the different types of grow lights. They can be used for up to 50,000 hours, while HID lights can only be used for 10,000 hours and fluorescent lights for 25,000 hours. 

LEDs also use less energy than traditional light sources like HID or fluorescent bulbs. For example, a 400W LED bulb gives off about the same amount of light as two 1000W HID bulbs, but it only uses about half as much electricity. 

That means you save money on your utility bills while getting the same amount of growth. And because LEDs 52av produce less heat than other kinds of lights, which could hurt your plants, you’ll also spend less on cooling. 


In the end, we can say that LED grow lights are by far the best way to grow cannabis. They give off less heat and use less electricity. You can also control how much light each bulb gives off better. 

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