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If you’re looking for Bengali language movie channels, you should check out Star Jalsha Movies. It is the sister channel of Star Jalsha, which was launched on 16 December 2012. On 14 April 2016, the network added HD feed to its programming. In a recent interview, the channel’s CEO emphasized that the network’s popularity has grown due to the quality of its movies. Read on to find out what makes Star Jalsha Movies a favorite among Bengali audiences.

In addition to original Bengali films, Jalsha Movies also screens Hollywood blockbusters, providing viewers with a superior cinematic experience. The channel is committed to preserving and promoting Bengal theatre, and is committed to expanding its repertoire of movies and originals to include the best of the local theater experience. This allows Jalsha to bring the best of the theatre to the television, while maintaining the essence of the Bengali film experience.

The Jalsha movie brand has had a long history of success, and its logo is one of the most iconic images in Indian cinema. The company’s logo is a violet star with a swoosh over a curved blue background. The logo was designed by Mumbai-based Dynamite Design and has remained virtually unchanged for eight years. The Jalsha wordmark, which appears in both Hindi and Bengali, is identical to the Star Jalsha logo. In addition to the star and the arrow, the Jalsha movie channel uses Kohinoor as its primary corporate font.

Jalasa is a heart-wrenching morality drama starring Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah. The film’s storyline is reminiscent of a real-life encounter, with a chance meeting leading to a dramatic confrontation between two women with conflicting desires. This epic thriller is well worth prateeksha. It is difficult to slot into a particular category, but it’s well worth it.

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