Printful VS Printify | Products, Suppliers, and Order Completion

Printify and Printful have established themselves as the leaders of the print-on-demand industry by providing good-quality products. Yet, it is difficult to distinguish between Printful vs. Printify quality due to their different working procedures. Therefore, the goal of this article is to discuss the quality of products and suppliers of both Printful and Printify in detail so that you are able to choose a reliable platform for your online business.

Printify Products & Suppliers

Once you set up your account on Printify, the first thing you will see is a large variety of products that you can create and customize with Printify. It provides a large number of products in numerous categories from many different suppliers to accommodate all types of businesses.

Generally, clothing items are the most popular products on platforms like Printify and Printful. There are many different options in the clothing category like t-shirts, polo shirts, sleeveless tops, socks, shirts, hoodies, and many others.

It simply means that suppliers should have no issue in finding suitable products and offering them to the customers. Multiple suppliers also result in varying price levels so that you can choose a supplier that provides products under your budget.

Keep in mind that the products of Printify are not manufactured by Printify directly. Instead, you will be working with third-party suppliers. This kind of business model has various advantages and disadvantages.

A major benefit of relying on external suppliers is that you will be getting multiple options. If you are not satisfied with the product quality, you can switch to another product manufacturer. However, there is also a possibility of getting scammed by a supplier and getting a poor quality product.

Printful Product & Suppliers

A major difference between Printful and Printify is that Printify relies on third-party suppliers to fulfill its orders. On the other hand, Printful utilizes in-house manufacturing facilities to produce all types of products internally and provide products with standardized quality.

As a result, if you use Printful, you will not have to deal with third-party suppliers. It is useful in controlling product quality. If you still face any issue in product quality, you can easily contact the customer care service of Printful to get help.

However, in-house manufacturing facilities have a disadvantage because they provide a limited number of products. Companies cannot expect Printful to manufacture and maintain a large number of units like the multiple suppliers of Printify.

Therefore, in terms of Printful vs. Printify quality, it can be said that Printful has a lesser number of product options than Printify.

Printify Order Completion

Since Printify has a large network of external product suppliers, Printify faces some issues in order fulfillment. It has the capability of streamlining and automating the order completion process. However, the suppliers also act as order fulfillment companies, so it is not always possible for Printify to ensure the suppliers are providing the products on time. Various other factors like shipping charges and delivery time also make this process challenging.

Printful Order Fulfillment

Printful has an efficient and streamlined order fulfillment process because every task is performed in-house, and there is no need to rely on a third party. In the USA, Printful has branches in California and North Carolina. On the other hand, international packages are handled in Mexico and Latvia fulfillment centers.

Every order of Printful goes through the same packaging and shipping process as all of the procedures are controlled by Printful through the local and international centers. Overall, Printful has a better and more streamlined order fulfillment process than Printify.


Printify has a free package that provides you with 24/7 customer support and quick integration with popular platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and eBay. Furthermore, it has many different essential tools like a Mockup generator and unlimited product designs.

You can also buy the Premium or Enterprise package of Printify. These packages have features like regular discounts, customer order import, 24/7 support, and options to integrate with a larger number of platforms. The Enterprise package is a customized package for large-scale companies. It involved branded customer support system, a clock account manager, quick access to new features, and all of the useful features of the Premium package.


Overall, Printful vs Printify quality has many different aspects. Printify is better than Printful in some parts of the business, like providing multiple supplier options, while Printful is better than Printify in other parts like efficient order fulfillment process. Therefore, you should evaluate your own requirements in detail to choose the best POD partner for your business.

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