How Long Can You File For A Car Accident Claim In Houston?

After suffering damages in a car accident, it is the right of the victim to seek compensation and file a claim against the negligent party. Every state has its laws that state the statute of limitations within which the victim has to start the legal procedure to seek their claim. 

In the state of Texas, a person can file a car accident claim for up to 2 years from the date of when the car accident occurred. It is always advised to consult an experienced Houston auto accident lawyer immediately after the accident to take quick legal action for the most favorable outcome. 

How does filing a claim on time strengthen your case?

The claim enables you to recover the costs of the damages you incurred because of the negligent driver’s actions. When you file a claim promptly, you can receive compensation earlier that is sufficient to recover your present and future expenses that occur because of the injury.


  • Settlement: Your lawyer undergoes a negotiation with the other party to reach a fair settlement. Taking early action prevents the other party’s insurance company from making claims that your injuries occurred due to different reasons than the driver’s misconduct to reduce or dismiss the value of your claim. 
  • Evidence: Evidence plays a significant role in determining the party’s liability to compensate you and reasonably estimating your damages. If you delay the process, you may be unable to gather some critical proof that could have helped you seek higher compensation. 
  • Avoids risk: After your state’s statute of limitations expires, you are unable to take legal action against the negligent party, which can have severe consequences on your financial stability. Starting the legal procedure earlier ensures that you take every step of the process carefully and avoid the chance of losing your claim entirely. 

What are some damages your claim compensates you for?

  • Past and future medical expenses: A medical professional can detect your injuries and determine their severity in the future. Their opinion can help your lawyer estimate a fair settlement amount that compensates you for past and future medical expenses such as future hospital visits, ongoing medical care, and permanent disability care. 
  • Lost income: A person cannot earn their livelihood when suffering from intense injuries since it affects their ability to work. If the injury has a future impact, they are also compensated for their lost earning capacity along with lost wages. 

A lawyer in Houston carefully analyses your situation to help estimate the right amount of compensation you deserve to cover all your present and future damages. Their presence ensures that you do not end up with a reduced or dismissed claim that puts your future at risk. 

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