The aftermath of a car accident in LA: Reasons to lawyer up

Dealing with the consequences of a car accident is never easy. Despite the talk around “safe driving”, auto accidents are not unusual in California, and a considerable number of serious and fatal accidents are reported from Los Angeles. Thankfully, the state laws are simple and favor the victim. If you were injured in a car crash where the other driver was at fault, you can file a claim with their insurer and seek compensation for your losses. The settlement will help cover medical bills, wage losses, and other expenses. Because winning such claims and lawsuits is rarely easy, you must consider lawyering up. Here are some solid reasons to get a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles for your case. 

You were partly to blame

The comparative fault system is a complicated one. California follows what is called a “pure” comparative fault rule. If you were partly to blame for the auto accident, you could seek compensation from the other at-fault driver, even when you are more at fault than them. However, you wouldn’t get the entire settlement given to you. Instead, your fault percentage will determine what you get as the final compensation. For example, if you were 70% at fault and successfully sued the other driver for $100,000, you will only get $30,000 as the final settlement. 

You have sustained serious to severe injuries

Some car accidents lead to catastrophic injuries. If you have suffered multiple fractures, disfigurement, severe spinal cord damage, or head injuries, your recovery time would be much longer. Also, you will need to spend huge on medical care and treatment. Your claim would be among the expensive ones for insurance companies, and without an attorney, it is impractical to expect a fair settlement. Insurance companies will do their best to reduce what they pay for your claim, and if you deal with the claims adjuster directly, you may settle too soon and for a much lower amount.

You have limited time

There is a statute of limitations that sets deadlines for PI cases. California’s statute gives you two years to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver, counting from the date of the accident. Get an attorney on your side so that you have time and legal strategy to work on the case. 

When you meet a lawyer, please don’t shy away from asking the tough questions about the case and their work profile.  

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