Open Culture is an online media platform that provides a wide range of content.

OpenCulture is a free online learning resource with thousands of educational and entertainment resources. It offers free lectures, movies, music, and art for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. The website also features thousands of free e-books and audiobooks, as well as downloadable study materials for various subjects. For those who are interested in learning a new language, the site offers several courses in different languages.

Open Culture was launched in 2006 by Dan Colman and is a community-based organization focused on free and open culture. Its site is set up as a blog style website, with multiple posts each day. These posts provide a bite-sized overview of what the website has to offer. The Open Culture website also contains resources that cover nearly every aspect of knowledge.

Open Culture is an online media platform that offers many different types of content, such as free eBooks, video tutorials, and online courses. The website can be followed on Twitter and Facebook, and can also be subscribed to by email. Open Culture is a great way to stay up to date on current topics and news.

Open licensing can benefit many artists as it increases exposure and makes their work more discoverable and adaptable. Some creators even believe in the idea of a thriving commons. Some online platforms are now offering Creative Commons licenses to their content.

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