Maintaining Sobriety: Sober Living Homes

If currently, you’re in the recovery process from a drug or alcohol or any other substance, you understand the effort it takes to quit using and to move on. It would seem that relapsing to the old ways is impossible but on the contrary, it’s quite common for people to relapse right after recovery, due to people returning to the toxic environments that ruined them in the first place and not being able to cope with the stress that environment brings with it. Sometimes these things are unavoidable. Sober Living Homes in Austin or SLHs aim to reduce these relapses. 

They serve as a bridge between inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment and mainstream society. Once a patient leaves an inpatient rehabilitation facility and returns home, they may tussle with returning back to their normal daily life. Sober Living Homes operate as a safe place where the resident can re-learn and practice the habits learned in drug rehabilitation, while slowly being introduced into the real world. SLH is an excellent choice if you have any doubts about moving from a supervised location to the real world.

Inside a Sober Living Home:

In a drug rehabilitation center, patients are constantly monitored and don’t have much independence and freedom. This ensures their absolute abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

In Sober Living Homes Austin Texas, residents are not constrained to the grounds. They are encouraged to leave campus and to go out in society, allowing them to feel like they are slowly getting back into their normal life. Though they are less constraining than rehab and detox centers, the residents still have to follow certain rules and regulations. These include curfews, weekly meetings, mental and physical evaluations. Other than that the proven 12-Step Program, gives residents hope that they can redeem themselves. It creates structure in their lives, which in turn creates a sober person.

In a Sober Living Home, residents can interact with each other. This is probably the biggest benefit of Sober Living Home. Residents interact with people who have had similar histories of substance abuse, they share their stories and create strong relationships. In a collective, they all support each other and reinforce the need to abstain from alcohol and drugs. People learn, they aren’t the only ones who have fallen to the curse of drugs and alcohol, and if others can fight against it, so can they.

Professionals in the field also use specialized methods to aid in recovery. If a person relapses, instead of sending him back to in-patient rehabilitation centers, doctors can aid the recovery by administering a drug detox. Drug Detox Austin is basically getting rid of the drugs inside the body, by medical means, mainly through medicines. Depending upon the use of drugs, professionals in drug detox Austin, TX can determine how long the drug detox takes (anywhere from a week up to 2 weeks.) 

In addition to all of this, SLH encourages a healthy lifestyle. Learning to cook nutritious food is a part of residents’ daily chores. They also constantly encourage residents to work, study or use their skills learned in drug rehabilitation. All of this builds their real-life skills which ensure they don’t become an outsider in society. Getting clean is only half the battle. If you have successfully recovered from alcohol addiction consider attending Alcoholics anonymous Mesa, AZ. They will help you stay on the right track.

Wrap Up

If you’ve recently finished your drug rehab in Austin or inpatient drug rehabilitation program, and are searching for a safe environment to aid in your recovery, consider Sober Living Home, Austin TX. They’ll help you get back on your feet in the real world, and decrease your chances of relapsing, significantly. You’ll learn new valuable skills, and live a structured life, while still maintaining your freedom. 

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